Laboratory Equipment and Instrument Carts

laboratory equipment and instrument carts

Scott-Clark is well known as a national leader in powered medical carts for doctors and nurses. The company is now breaking into the laboratory equipment and instrument carts niche, too. Laboratory equipment and instruments are expensive, bulky, and can be hard to maneuver. They need a reliable system of transport in the event of a lab relocation or remodel. Carts are also used in the everyday arrangement of a laboratory.

Instrument carts - the backbone of the laboratory

Often forgotten in the background, instrument carts are the foundation of the medical laboratory. Just about every instrument is secured on an instrument cart, and Scott-Clark has ones that laboratory professionals can trust to put those valuable instruments on.

A variety of storage options are available for accompanying laboratory documents, computers, scanners, and printers.

In addition to instrument carts, Scott-Clark offers a variety of carts with built-in computer modules. These are the perfect companion for laboratory instruments, allowing laboratory professionals to assess test results and instrument status in a convenient location. Almost every piece of laboratory equipment and instrument is somehow connected to a computer.

Laboratory carts for point-of-care

medical carts

Point-of-care treatment often includes some laboratory testing that can be performed at the bedside. Lab equipment used in a point-of-care setting needs to be movable all day long throughout a healthcare facility, as well as have a constant power supply.

Scott Clark's laboratory equipment and instrument carts are fitted with a patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System. This ensures that the cart will not lose power in the middle of a patient visit. Just as when the company developed the first reliable cart power system, Scott-Clark is excited to bring the latest in cart power technology. Using a dependable cart benefits both healthcare workers and patients by making the whole experience run more smoothly.

Find the right cart for your laboratory needs

The cart possibilities at Scott-Clark are endless. We will even do a retrofitting or refurbishing of carts you already have to bring them up to date.

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