Laptop Cart on Wheels

Laptops are invaluable to the data-driven and connected approach utilized by medical institutions around the world today. Capable of providing access to highly detailed patient information stored on medical databases, these mobiles computers assist doctors and nurses with providing top-notched care.

However, using a laptop in a medical setting isn’t always easy. When both hands need to be free to touch a patient or deliver treatment, lugging a laptop around isn’t a viable option. To give medical staff access to their laptops while they work, Scott-Clark builds wheeled and powered carts to hold laptops for easy use anywhere they are in their medical facility.

Powered Carts

Scott-Clark carts utilize Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT) to provide a continuous source of power for laptops and other cart-mounted medical equipment. An FMCPT-equipped cart provides a mixed AC and 12-volt DC power source capable of a sustained output of 175 watts.

Laptop Cart on Wheels

A laptop on an FMCPT-equipped cart doesn’t need to rely on its own battery for power, reducing the chance that a medical professional might lose access to needed information unexpectedly. FMCPT-equipped carts support battery hot-swapping, so the risk that it might run out of power itself is minimal.

A Strong and Stable Work Platform

A laptop cart on wheels provides a stable platform for comfortably using a laptop. The desk-like surface provides space for a keyboard, mouse, and any other peripherals attached to the laptop. Our carts also support height adjustments, so the laptop is at an ideal height for viewing and typing regardless of the user’s height.

Laptop Cart on Wheels

For strength, we build our carts from extruded aluminum and stainless steel. We limit our use of plastics and other materials that can break down over time to both improve reliability and eliminate areas where MRSAs and infectious agents might breed. Each cart comes with a powder-coated finish that is made to last.

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