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Laptops are invaluable to the data-driven and connected approach utilized by medical institutions around the world today. Capable of providing access to highly detailed patient information stored on medical databases, these mobile computers help doctors and nurses deliver outstanding patient care.

However, using a laptop in a medical setting isn’t always easy. When both hands need to be free to assess a patient or deliver treatment, carrying a laptop around isn’t a viable option. To give medical staff access to their laptops while they work, Scott-Clark Medical builds wheeled and powered carts to hold laptops for easy use anywhere in a medical facility.

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Why Choose a Mobile Laptop Cart on Wheels?

There are many benefits to housing a laptop computer on a mobile stand. From improved workplace ergonomics to better patient interactions, a portable laptop stand can enhance your medical facility’s workflow and efficiency for happier staff and patients.

Improved Electronic Record Keeping

As more hospitals and clinics turn to electronic record keeping, it is crucial to have an effective and fast means of accessing patient files. A mobile laptop workstation allows staff to move the cart from room to room to retrieve patient files bedside and obtain up-to-date patient data in real-time.

Fewer Errors

Laptop portability and access also contribute to fewer staff errors in diagnosis, treatment, and medication dosage. Staff can retrieve test results, prescriptions, and imaging directly from the pathology and radiology departments without deciphering colleagues’ handwriting.

Better Doctor-Patient Interactions

The height-adjustable stand-up computer cart allows patients to view their records and test results at eye-level, facilitating a collaborative approach to healthcare and giving the patient more control over their medical decisions. The ease-of-access and speedy transport mean staff can spend more time with patients improving the quality and quantity of care. Increased doctor-patient interactions are shown to improve patient health outcomes significantly.

Increased Patient Confidentiality

When it comes to storing electronic health records, patient confidentiality is paramount. Paper records on bedside clipboards are accessible by anyone in the facility, and files kept at nurse stations are susceptible to theft or tampering.

Accessing electronic patient records from a laptop means the file is password-encrypted and only accessible to authorized staff. Scott-Clark Medical laptop cart on wheels also feature height adjustment and screen angling allowing staff to present important information to the patient only and not to other patients or visitors in the room.

Versatile Range of Applications

While a mobile computer desk is a vital part of a well-equipped medical facility, our carts are also suitable for other applications. The height-adjustable frame makes our carts ideal as a standing desk or presentation cart in a home office or business. You can also use our carts at home for storing household supplies and cleaning products.

Features of Scott-Clark Medical Mobile Laptop Carts

Scott-Clark Medical standard laptop cart on wheels come equipped with a range of functional features to enhance the user’s experience and create a more efficient workplace.

Conductive Casters

The most crucial element of any mobile cart is the wheels. We equip our carts with four gliding, multidirectional casters that roll smoothly over any floor surface. We construct the casters to be conductive to return built-up static electricity into the floor, preventing damage to sensitive equipment due to electrical overload.

Stable Wheelbase

When transporting a mobile cart between rooms, a stable and robust wheelbase is essential to prevent toppling, damaging the laptop, sensitive equipment, or injuring bystanders.

Scott-Clark Medical standard mobile carts have a compact 19” wide x 20” deep wheelbase that offers streamlined storage and flexible maneuvering, while still providing a stable tip-resistant base.

High Powered Batteries

Scott-Clark Medical carts utilize Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT) to provide a continuous energy source for laptops and other cart-mounted medical equipment. An FMCPT-equipped cart provides a mixed AC and 12-volt DC power source capable of sustained output of 175 watts.

A laptop on an FMCPT-equipped cart doesn’t need to rely on its battery for power, reducing the chance that a medical professional might lose access to required information unexpectedly. Each battery’s charge time is 2.5 hours, and they are chargeable either on or off the cart. Every battery provides up to 10 hours of continuous power, and FMCPT-equipped carts support battery hot-swapping, so the risk that it might run out of power itself is minimal.

Strong Work Platform

A laptop cart on wheels provides a stable platform for comfortably using a laptop. The desk-like surface offers space for a keyboard, mouse, and any other peripherals attached to the computer. Our carts also support height adjustments, so the laptop is ideal for viewing and typing, regardless of the user’s size.

The work platform has molded ergonomic handles for more comfortable transport, which can minimize staff fatigue.

Durable Materials

For strength, we build our carts from extruded aluminum and stainless steel. We limit our use of plastics and other materials that can break down over time to improve reliability and eliminate areas where MRSA and infectious agents might breed. Each cart comes with a powder-coated finish that protects against corrosion.

Ample Storage

Scott-Clark Medical carts come with the laptop tray preinstalled. However, the tray is removable if you need a flexible option to mount a monitor and install a small computer modem.

Every cart comes with a rear bin for storing PPE essentials and sanitation equipment, but we can also customize your cart. We offer locking drawers with a keycard or biometric locks, sharps and biohazard disposal bins, attachments for printers, printer paper, barcode scanners, and more.

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Find the Best Mobile Laptop Carts at Scott-Clark Medical

Laptop-enabled mobile medical carts are the future of medical equipment. They provide a more efficient way to access patient files, store essential medical supplies, and keep sensitive medical gear.

The team at Scott-Clark Medical has extensive practical experience in the medical technology sector. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and providing high-quality products customized to suit your needs. Learn more about what the Scott-Clark Medical team can do for you by contacting us at (512) 756-7300 for more information.

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