Laptop Cart with Battery

For anyone who works at a hospital, a clinic, or a medical laboratory, they are aware of how a mobile laptop cart is essential for the smooth operation of the healthcare facility.

Workplace efficiency requires the nurses, doctors, and other medical staff members to maintain a properly charged and functioning laptop cart with battery ready to respond in routine or emergency situations.

Laptop Cart with BatteryOld Battery Designs

Older battery designs impede the efficiency of hospital operations. Old batteries have shorter battery lives, more problems with recharging, and require bulkier carts that are harder to maneuver.

Many laptop carts with old battery designs do not last through a full work shift and it hinders productivity and may cause unnecessary errors and data loss when attempting to swap out batteries.

Laptop Cart with BatteryAlso, users typically must keep an eye out on the laptop to monitor the battery life while at the same time focusing on their patients. As such, time spent resolving a battery issue of a laptop cart equates to time not spent on a patient and time that hinders workflow productivity. 

How Scott-Clark Can Help

Scott-Clark provides solutions to these cart battery problems with its Flexible Medical Cart Power Technology. Our technology is simple, reliable and can be easily retrofitted into your existing carts and systems.

The Technology also lets users quicker swap or charge batteries on the cart and provides a visual indicator that lets the user know when a battery reaches its full charge in addition to indicating when a battery has 20 minutes of charge remaining.

A Scott-Clark laptop cart with battery comes with a full five-year warranty.

If you are interested in enhanced efficiency in your workplace, you will certainly want to hear about Scott-Clark. Learn more about the Scott-Clark medical carts by contacting us today.

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