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With the incredible number of things that medical staff has to keep track of on any given shift, having the right equipment is critical to keeping things running. High-quality med carts can make the difference between a patient-friendly hospital and a delay-clogged waking nightmare. Whether you manage a small outpatient facility or a massive urban hospital, innovations in various types of medical carts should be on your radar, even if you’ve already recently purchased new carts.

One-size-fits-all cart designs are being shunned in favor of customized models that actually meet the needs of modern medical facilities. Most facilities now rely on staff and their mobility to maximize efficiency, and that requires carts with advanced medical cart battery systems that allow staff to do their jobs without interruption. Bulky and short-lived batteries can seriously reduce the quality of patient care provided, especially in urgent situations where a crash cart or other equipment is needed.

Anti-Theft Locking and Anti-Bacterial Properties

Medication carts need easy-to-use yet secure locking systems to prevent theft and other problems. Point-of-care carts need to be mobile and easy to change, as improvements to technology may necessitate switching out individual pieces of equipment in an efficient manner. Any cart needs to minimize tight spaces and other areas where bacteria can grow, especially if the cart is going to be used in patient care areas.

med carts hospitalsThe Scott-Clark Selection

At Scott-Clark Medical, we have the expertise needed to supply exactly the type of cart you need. Our aluminum and stainless-steel carts are designed with footprints that minimize floor space while maximizing useable surfaces.

Ergonomic handles and easy-to-move wheels make your staff’s jobs easier, which in turn can reduce turnover and improve patient care over time. We know you don’t want to cut corners – so we don’t, either.

Scott-Clark provides reliable cart power and battery management systems, point of care medication workstations, and offers a patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System.



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