Medical Cart Batteries

With the growing movement toward the use of medical carts in hospitals and clinics, power sources become important considerations. As a majority of hospitals now operate under an electronic medical record system, the presence of electronics has increased tenfold. It also means overcoming the obstacle of dead batteries and preventing interruptions during crucial moments of care.

battery powered mobile medical carts

Making the choice about which medical cart batteries to use means deciding how much value you put into uninterrupted patient time. Not every battery you choose is guaranteed to have the features necessary to keep a hospital moving at an efficient pace. At Scott-Clark Medical, we stay at the forefront of innovation to allow you to continue helping others.

What You Need in Your Medical Cart Batteries

Perhaps the most important feature to consider utilizing is a “hot-swap battery.” This means the battery can be easily and safely switched out for a fully charged battery without interrupting power or service. Scott-Clark Medical provides carts with two areas for mounting batteries to allow for this smooth transition. Nurses who used medical carts before our revolutionary “hot-swap technology” recognized that worrying about power supply took away necessary focus from the patient.

Many companies overlook the issue of battery weight and how much this impacts mobility. While these same companies will incorporate medical cart, batteries weighing up to 50 pounds, Scott-Clark Medical designs theirs with the user in mind, focusing on feasibility as well as function.

Reviewing the individual needs of users is also an important first step before deciding on a cart. Once determining how much power you require, you can make decisions about the internal components and features like battery chemistry or wattage.

medical computer cart with battery

Choosing the Best Medical Cart Battery

When choosing your medical cart battery, you are choosing to spend money on improved time and care. With a product from Scott-Clark Medical, you are considering both patients and medical personnel.

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