Medical Cart with Wheels

There is no need to compromise the health of your nursing staff when you buy a medical cart with wheels. Today's medical carts are not the big, bulky, heavy carts that nurses used to avoid using in the past. Scott-Clark makes sure that every cart we manufacture is able to improve the efficiency of nursing staff without causing backache, fatigue, and frustration.

Designed with comfort in mind

We engineer every Scott-Clark cart to be an ergonomic masterpiece because your comfort is of utmost importance to us. We work directly with hospitals around the country to make sure that our carts work for you, the clinicians, in real-life service situations. You can adjust the height of a cart easily or change from a standing to a seated position (or vice versa) in seconds.

Medical Cart

Efficiency of movement

A Scott-Clark medical cart with wheels has a lightweight frame and small footprint, which makes it easy to maneuver in busy corridors or crowded wards.

Secure access

We have a large catalog of lockable storage options including cassette drawers, supply drawers, and peripheral storage. You can choose a traditional key-locking system or go electronic with a code-locking system. Code locking is a popular choice among clients since you can issue multiple codes to control access across shifts. You can override the code-locking system with a proximity card if necessary.

Now you can have peace of mind knowing that all documentation, medication and valuable equipment is safely locked away during rounds.

Medical Cart with Wheels

Sterile carts for a healthy environment

Our carts are perfect for any sterile medical environment. Extruded aluminum and powder-coated, stainless steel surfacing help you keep the carts clean and disinfected. Minimal use of plastic limits material breakdown, which could become a breeding ground for MRSA and infectious agents.

Economic Sense

Our friendly team will help you choose the configuration that is right for your facility. Ask us about our refurbished range if you are working on a tight budget. We take the greatest care to ensure that our carts remain in tip-top shape when we bring them in for refurbishment and resale.

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