Medical Cart Accessories

Modern medical carts help maximize workflow in medical facilities by allowing immediate access to routine and emergency medical supplies. This increases patient satisfaction and staff efficiency, leading to an overall improved experience for everyone involved.

When choosing the most efficient medical cart for your healthcare facility, it is essential to consider which accessories can benefit your workflow. Medical cart accessories can enhance your production by allowing easy access to medicines, medical devices, laptops, and administrative supplies.

Working with a trusted medical supply company like Scott-Clark Medical gives you the confidence you’re getting the most out of your cart customization.

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Medical Cart Options

The possibilities are numerous when it comes to accessorizing your medical cart. There are countless options available, and the needs of your department reflect the accessories your cart requires. Some standard accessories are:

  • IV poles
  • Bins
  • Dividers
  • Sharps Containers
  • Power Sources
  • Drawers
  • Locks
  • Hooks
  • Laptop Arm

Many medical facilities have several mobile medical carts for various wards. You can equip a cardiac ward with a medical cart with a defibrillator. At the same time, you can supply a rehabilitation unit with a large screen display to illustrate the muscles and bones the patient needs to strengthen.

Detachable IV poles are ideal for carrying bags of fluid. Storage boxes to hold various supplies, such as stethoscopes and thermometers, keep instruments in a central location. Sharps containers are necessary for any facility handling needles.

Safety and Organization

Keeping staff safe in the workplace is a priority, so separate and secure bins for hazardous materials are essential. Before and after attending to a patient, the staff should follow a rigorous safety procedure to ensure their equipment is sterile.

After use, they can place disposable materials such as gloves, masks, and scrubs in secure containers. At the end of their shift, employees can then deliver them to your facility’s main hazardous material disposal area.

Drawers on your medical cart can store commonly used supplies such as tubing, bandages, and sterilizing wipes. You can outfit your drawers with biometric locks and proximity scanners to prevent unauthorized access. You can also add drawer dividers or trays to improve organization and standardize your cart layout for all staff members.

Improve Efficiency and Save Money

If your medical cart serves as a computer cart on wheels, you’ll want to be sure it has a laptop arm and a power source. You can retrofit many carts with modern battery packs and power cords. Scott-Clark Medical can provide this service for you at your premises, minimizing downtime and maximizing your cart’s efficiency.

Our patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT) provides a runtime of approximately 10-12 hours, and you can charge it on-the-go. Many older carts need to charge at a wall socket, taking them off the ward for hours. By accessorizing your cart with our modern battery system, you can increase the staff to spend time with patients and save costs.

A multi-disciplinary team works together, with patients seeing many professionals in one day. While this is inevitable due to patient needs, you can reduce the time it takes to treat the patient by accessorizing your medical cart.

A nurse can use their cart to read a patient’s file at their bedside, measure their vital signs, and prescribe medication using the online system. They can even automatically sync it with the central hospital computer system.

The same nurse can remove medication from securely locked drawers from which only authorized personnel have access. The nurse can then record their notes using the wireless keyboard, and then move onto the next patient.

By streamlining the process, staff become more efficient, have greater job satisfaction, and patients feel they are receiving a better standard of care. You can also reduce unnecessary costs in your facility.

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