Medical Carts for Laptops

Medical carts for laptops provide an easy connectable option for portable computers. In today’s fast-paced medical environment, this offers many benefits for medical staff.

A laptop on a medical workstation creates a mobile media cart that provides staff with easy access to medical records without returning to a central location to input or research data. The laptop can also be removed for use away from the workstation, offering more flexibility.

Scott-Clark Medical specializes in creating custom, height-adjustable medical computing carts to meet the specific requirements of your facility. Our medical computing carts incorporate intelligent features and an ergonomic design to improve patient care and the efficiency of your facility.

Rechargeable Power Supply

In addition to a non-powered cart option, we offer a mobile workstation with a battery power supply to increase the laptop’s operating hours. The battery power supply is secure, long-lasting, and easy to monitor.

Battery-powered carts have long-lasting lithium batteries that use our patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT ). These cells are hot swappable or chargeable on the cart. Each battery’s charging time is only 2.5 hours, and they provide up to 10 hours of power so that staff can use the cart continuously throughout their shift.

Great Options and Built-ins

Scott-Clark Medical’s laptop carts a wide range of valuable features you can choose to include in your design:

  • Adjustable table bracket
  • Built-in cable management openings
  • Brake wheels
  • Adjustable height
  • Alternate key-lock access for drawers or cabinets

We also offer a battery-powered computer cart and a cart for tablets.

Strong, Flexible Design

A medical height-adjustable computer cart is one of the most frequently used items in a hospital or clinic. Impacts and heavy loads damage low-quality carts compromising their structural integrity. At Scott-Clark Medical, we design our carts with tons of accessory options built to last.

We construct the cart frame from tough stainless steel, covered in a protective powder coating to prevent corrosion and allow for easier cart sanitation. The work surface is made from scratch-free, high-density plastic that features molded ergonomic handles at the front and rear of the cart for easy transport.

The frame is height adjustable using our high-powered hydraulic system. The lift can support up to 44 lbs., depending on the frame specifications. We can also build the structure with a lift powered by an electric motor with a weight capacity of 157 lbs.

Stable, Compact Wheelbase

Mobility is a critical feature for medical carts. Staff need to transport carts from room to room with ease and without running into obstacles. Scott-Clark medical carts for laptops come with a compact 19” W x 20” D wheelbase that maneuvers quickly down narrow corridors and around hospital beds. The slim profile of this lightweight healthcare cart also makes it easy to store when not in use.

Conductive Casters

Our carts are designed with smooth-rolling, multidirectional casters that are conductive to send accumulated static electricity back into the floor. The conductivity eliminates the risk of electrical overload that can damage sensitive medical equipment and computers.

Safe Storage

Mobile medical carts for laptops can improve staff efficiency by limiting the number of central locations for supplies, medications, and data entry. We can equip our laptop carts with locking drawers to ensure that medications are stored safely to avoid theft, tampering, and dosage errors.

We offer traditional lock and key varieties and biometric and keycard activated locks. The locks can integrate with the laptop’s software to monitor and track medications, and onboard printers can create a paper trail that is useful during an audit or protect staff.

Customizable Attachments

Scott-Clark Medical standard carts are entirely customizable to meet the needs of your facility and staff. Laptop trays come pre-installed and allow you to detach your computer as needed quickly or stow it underneath the tray to create more workspace. A separate keyboard tray is located beneath the worktop to house an external keyboard.

We offer a range of additional attachments, including barcode scanners, printers for wristbands, sharps and biohazard waste disposal, and general trash containers. We can also equip your medical care cart to fit vitals monitoring devices and a computer monitor.

Unlike wall mounts that offer a limited range of use, onboard computer monitor mounts can transform your laptop cart into a complete computing workstation. Our mounting systems come in single and dual varieties and allow you to angle the screen on both lateral and vertical axes.

Provide Quality Patient Interactions

Research supports doctor-patient interaction as one of the critical indicators of a positive health outcome. A mobile laptop cart facilitates high-quality interactions between staff and patients by keeping patients informed and allowing collaborative treatment.

Adjusting the height and angle of the cart work surface enables patients to view their records and test results on the screen in real-time. An added printer lets staff provide hard copies of information to patients for more informed medical decisions.

Increase Patient Confidentiality

As more medical settings transfer to electronic record-keeping, patient confidentiality is more important than ever. A laptop cart enables staff to enter and retrieve patient data at the point of care, and password encryption ensures that all patient health information is kept private.

Reduce Errors

Many medical errors occur at the point of care when staff fail to read colleague handwriting correctly or medication dosage and times are recorded incorrectly. Having mobile access to electronic health records on a laptop cart means the team can instantly take the cart from room to room and access vital data instantly to eliminate delays and errors.

Offer a Versatile Storage Solution

The bespoke nature of Scott-Clark laptop medical carts means they can be used for various applications. We can design a portable unit for your facility, from point of care carts to medication carts.

But our carts aren’t limited to the medical sector. The compact design and height adjustment features make our laptop carts valuable to office space as a combination sit-stand desk.

They can also be used in dental practices to keep tools and supplies close at hand, in the warehouse or distribution center when tracking inventory on the floor, or at home to store work from home office supplies.

Experience in Medical Carts for Laptops

The benefits of medical computer cart solutions are many. An experienced company like Scott-Clark Medical can help you choose the optimal design for your workforce.

Scott-Clark Medical was the first to patent mobile-powered medical carts, and we continue to lead the industry with our medical carts for laptops. Our extensive range of design options provides the ultimate in flexibility and ergonomics. No matter what type of laptop your hospital uses, we have a medical cart solution to meet your specifications.

Scott-Clark Medical provides reliable cart power and battery management systems, point of care medication workstations, and a patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System.

Find out how our carts can improve your facility’s workflow. Contact us to speak with a consultant about our collection of laptop carts for medical professionals.

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