Medical Carts on Wheels with Drawers

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The most commonly used medical cart in the industry is a medical cart on wheels with drawers. Carts on wheels can easily be moved into position, and out of the way again. Drawers ensure access to critical equipment, and secure storage items when not in use.

What features are important for your mobile medical cart, and are there flexible options for the drawers?

Medical Cart Wheels

Medical carts nearly always need mobility, that is they need wheels and not just any wheels. Mobile carts are subjected to strict testing requirements to ensure the wheels meet the needs of medical use. Tests include stability testing, locking, and threshold tolerance (the ability to move smoothly over a threshold).

Any attachments like computers and battery power must be secured against movement.

Medical Cart Drawers

The next most used feature of a medical cart is the drawers. The drawers chosen for your medical cart need to suit your individual medical needs. Our range of baskets and cassette drawer sizes are virtually unlimited, we are bound to have something that suits your needs.

With sensitive materials, patient records, sharps, and medicines, it's important to have lockable access. For secure medical cart drawers, our patented electronic locking feature provides simple access and remains ajar to draw attention to any unlocked drawers.

The Batteries

The Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System uses a hot swap double cell process, where your mobile cart is powered by one battery pack at any given moment. The second pack comes into play when the first one depletes. This double system allows you the luxury of time to replace the depleted cell with a full one, while the second cell continues to provide power for hours.


Proven Robust Design for Medical Carts on Wheels with Drawers

The robust central pillar design of our medical carts on wheels with drawers has been developed and proven over time through our twenty years in the industry. The central pillar provides maximum stability and strength while being lightweight and containing minimum excess surfaces for bacteria to hide.

Customizable Options for Medical Carts on Wheels and Drawers

Our medical carts with wheels and drawers come with a variety of standard and customizable options, for example, they are available with and without power, and with or without a computer station.

When looking for a medical cart you want to be assured of top quality. All our medical carts are approved via IEC and FDA standards for use in the medical industry.

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