Medical Carts on Wheels

When looking for a medical cart on wheels, versatility, adaptability, ergonomics, and of course durability is important. Our vast experience with medical carts on wheels, including many patented designs, provide these design solutions.

Medical carts on wheels need to adhere to stringent quality control to ensure they:

  • Move quietly when they are supposed to; and
  • don't move when they are not supposed to.

You need high-grade casters on your cart so you can move them effortlessly into position or quickly place them where you need them.

Casters must be as silent as possible to ensure patient comfort.

Casters must have an easy locking and unlocking mechanism, ensuring they can be locked to prevent unwanted movement, and easily unlocked again when repositioning.


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Compliance Requirements for Medical Carts with Wheels

IEC 60601 is an international standard from which the US FDA base most of their testing for medical carts with wheels. IEC 60601 requires that medical carts on wheels undergo stability, threshold movement, and lock testing.

Although some medical practices accept medical carts that are not FDA or IEC 60601 compliant by declaring it a piece of furniture rather than a medical implement, this can cause liability and possible contamination and accident issues.

All Scott-Clark medical carts on wheels are FDA and IEC compliant.

Adaptability of Medical Carts on Wheels

Scott-Clark carts can be adapted easily with many standard options, and customization is also available outside these options.

Standard options for our medical carts with wheels include:

  • With and without battery power fitting;
  • With and without drawers;
  • With and without computer station;

A full range of options and features of our medical carts on wheels can be viewed online or explained by one of our professional team.

Learn more about the Scott-Clark medical carts by contacting us today.

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