Medical Carts with Drawers

medical cart with drawers on wheels

Whether your healthcare facility is purchasing storage carts, anesthesia carts, an isolation cart, or another type of unit for storing and transporting medical equipment, it’s essential to consider the battery system.

Your staff may use general-purpose medical units throughout their shift or an emergency crash cart in the event of a cardiac situation, but the device is only useful if there is a reliable power source.

At Scott Clark Medical, we use our patented Flexible Mobile Power Cart Technology (FMCPT) battery system to keep your mobile medical carts on the ward indefinitely. One battery charges on the unit while another powers the cart. Our hot-swap technique allows any user to change the batteries in approximately 30 seconds without interrupting the functionality of the devices on the cart.

Medical supply carts are designed to carry considerable amounts of equipment. You can add baskets to hold less sensitive materials such as gloves, masks, gowns, and sterilizing sprays and wipes. Staff can quickly clean the stainless steel medical carts for compliance with infection control procedures.

For an improved ergonomic design, we combine steel construction material with durable plastics for a lightweight structure, and the customizable drawer configurations offer straightforward organization. When storing and transporting medications and supplies, security is essential, and electronic locking drawers are an excellent solution.

Robust medical storage areas are also crucial for keeping sharps and other hazardous materials. There are options for designing your procedure carts for specific tasks, such as for use in an operating room, or you can equip treatment carts that are best suited for emergency departments.

medical utility carts with drawers

A medical facility is a complex environment. It is often useful to use a combination of different types of equipment carts and case carts to meet the needs of various medical specialties.

If you’re ready to invest in a utility cart to benefit your healthcare business, contact the Scott-Clark Medical sales team at 512-756-7300 for a consultation and free quote. Ask about our retrofits and refurbishments services, and enquire if free shipping is available in your area.

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