Medical Computer Carts and Workstations

The Scott-Clark Medical Team provide a full range of medical computer carts and workstations that cater to all your needs. We have the equipment to suit your healthcare environment, whether you are a small suburban practice or a busy inner-city emergency department.

Increased efficiency

Our mobile medical computer carts and workstations allow your medical team to move with all patient records at their fingertips. There is no need for time to be wasted travelling back and forth from a desk or filing cabinet. Our workstations give instant access to electronic databases, meaning that an increased amount of time can be used for patient care.

With a mobile workstation, patients also benefit from being able to schedule appointments and get discharge information without going to another location in the healthcare facility. Essential medications, key surgical items and patient pamphlets can also be stored securely in the lockable drawers of our medical cart.

Custom built carts

Scott-Clark medical computer carts and workstations can be customized with lockable drawers, access control systems, and various peripheral items. We have a wide range of carts, and these can be adapted to suit the unique needs of your healthcare environment. We ensure a small footprint because we understand that storage and space saving are key issues in many healthcare settings.

Cutting edge battery technology

We have pioneered cutting-edge power supplies and hot-swappable batteries for all our medical computer carts and workstations. With exchangeable batteries, operators can easily remove and replace batteries one by one, while the remaining battery continues to provide power to vital equipment. This technology allows our medical carts to run indefinitely, increasing productivity and flow within your workspace.

Alternatively, staff can opt to charge the batteries on the cart when it is not being used by plugging it directly into the wall. An illuminated indicator on each battery advises the user how much power remains, giving them plenty of warning before they need to change or recharge it.

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