Computer on Wheels Cart

Medical computer carts on wheels make managing patient data and supplies significantly easier and more secure. These sturdy mobile computer stations let you take everything you need with you. There is no carrying bulky laptops, dealing with multiple cords, equipment connectivity problems, or hoping the workstation at your next destination is working. Mobile computer carts save you and your patient time and frustration and improve your overall performance.
Computer on Wheels Cart

Features of a Medical Computer Cart on Wheels

Scott-Clark Medical wheeled medical carts are uniquely designed for hospitals, veterinary clinics, nursing homes, and other medical environments. Some of the outstanding features of a mobile computer cart include:

Long-lasting materials

At Scott-Clark Medical, we make carts with heavy-duty materials that are easy to clean, will not break down over time, and won’t harbor harmful pathogens. We have reduced the amount of plastic used and created our cart frames from lightweight extruded aluminum or stainless steel. Both metals are powder-coated to protect the surface against scratches and dents.

Non-conductive rolling casters

Our medical computer carts also use castors that roll easily over multiple surfaces so you can take your cart almost anywhere. We use casters made from non-conductive materials that distribute built-up static electricity back into the floor to prevent overloading the computer systems and electrical equipment on board.

The rolling stand has secure locks on the casters to keep the cart in place when in use. The multidirectional movement of the casters allows staff to maneuver the mobile cart easily through narrow corridors and between patient beds.

Stable Wheel Base

The wheelbase has a compact 19” W x 20” D design to be easily transported through hallways and stored without taking too much room. The wheelbase contains the Battery Control System (BCS) for our patented FMCPT batteries, which provides easy access to the power source and counterbalances the unit to prevent toppling and damage to the monitor.

Rechargeable Battery System

At Scott-Clark Medical, we have designed long-lasting batteries that are changeable on the go for a more efficient workflow. The mobile workstations also function while plugged into a wall socket providing maximum flexibility and functionality for a dynamic workforce that is always on the move.

Our FMCPT batteries ensure that your mobile laptop and computer carts always have enough power for a full shift. Each cell has a 10-hour operating time, and you can recharge the extra battery on the cart. Recharging takes 2.5 hours, and staff can hot-swap batteries in under a minute for continuous cart use and minimal disruptions to patients.

The battery system is equipped with safety and operational devices to ensure you get the most out of our state-of-the-art FMCPT carts. The battery pack comes with visual and audio alerts that notify the staff an hour before the power source needs changing. Intuitive lights indicate that the replacement cell is charging.

Ergonomic details

Fatigue significantly impacts the efficiency and productivity of medical staff. Working long shifts and spending time always on-the-go can leave your workforce exhausted, leading to an increased risk of errors and reduced patient satisfaction.

Scott-Clark Medical computer carts on wheels come with ergonomic features to minimize exertion and the risk of injury. The stand desk space features molded ergonomic handles for more comfortable cart transportation, while height-adjustable mobile carts using hydraulic lifts reduce strain on the neck, back, and shoulders.

Swivel monitor mount

Mobile stands for computers from Scott-Clark Medical are available with a swivel top to mount the computer monitor. The ability to move the computer monitor lets staff display information to patients more easily to work collaboratively on patients’ treatment plans. It also offers improved patient confidentiality as staff can angle the monitor away from other patients in the room to protect electronic information from view.

Scott-Clark Medical swivel mount comes in three configurations. Our standard single mount is suitable for average-sized monitors and offers a 33° angle adjustment on the lateral axis and 58° along the vertical axis. Dual mounts are recommended for large computer monitors as the reinforced frame can handle the additional weight. You also have the option of an alternative single mount with a height-adjustable feature up to 6”, and a lateral axis adjustment angle of 180°.

All mounts have a quick release feature, which allows staff to install or switch computer monitors easily.

Optional laptop desk

Our high-power carts can come preinstalled with a removable laptop desk for a flexible option to access electronic patient records. The desktop lets you store a laptop underneath the work surface, and a tray underneath can accommodate an external keyboard. These features provide you with the opportunity to customize your fleet of mobile computer carts as necessary.

Peripheral attachments

You can create a whole point of care system and enhance your mobile computer cart’s functionality by incorporating attachments for peripheral equipment to suit your facility.

Many peripherals are available such as vitals recorders, IV poles, printers, scanners, and RFID readers.

Ample storage

Cart storage can improve staff efficiency by limiting the number of times doctors and nurses need to make trips to a central supply location.

Add lockable drawers to your mobile computer cart to hold medications and sensitive equipment. The locks can be secured using encrypted keycards or biometric locks, which let you track when and to whom staff administered the medication.

Standard carts come with a rear bin to hold PPE gear and sanitation products, but we can also include sharps disposal and biohazard bins to improve staff and patient safety.

Efficient sanitation

Infection control is critical in any medical facility to protect the health and safety of staff and patients. The more staff travel to supply rooms and communal locations, the higher the risk of spreading pathogens.

A mobile computer cart limits the frequency with which the staff needs to attend central nurses’ stations, pharmacies, and supply rooms. The powder-coating on the metal frame and the high-density plastic provides a smooth surface that prevents bacterial buildup. The surfaces are quick and easy to sanitize, and the carts can be preloaded with alcohol-based disinfectants and gloves to sterilize the cart between patient visits.


Medical computer carts on wheels

Which Facilities Can Benefit from a Mobile Computer or Laptop Cart?

Mobile computer carts improve productivity and workflow by enhancing staff efficiency, allowing easy access to patient data, providing confidentiality, and reducing errors. Many facilities can benefit from a fleet of mobile computer or laptop workstations including:

Hospitals and medical clinics

Mobile computer workstations offer better access to electronic patient records and let staff record and review patient data in real-time. Quick access to data significantly decreases the likelihood of errors in diagnosis, treatment, and medication dosage. It also increases the interaction time between patients and medical staff, which has been shown to have a marked positive effect on patient health outcomes.

Dental practices

Dentists need to keep equipment and information within arms reach. A mobile medical cart with a computer lets dental staff access X-rays and imaging data while accessing vital medical records pertaining to medications and anesthesia.

The rolling base lets dental staff maneuver the unit out of the way when necessary, and the storage options keep dental tools and protective equipment well-organized.

Home office

Mobile laptop carts aren’t limited to use in medical facilities. A home or business office can benefit from using a portable computer cart to improve workplace ergonomics and provide additional monitors without taking up valuable desk space.

The compact design of a Scott-Clark mobile computer cart also makes the unit ideal for small office spaces. The height-adjustable worktop means employees can change the cart from a sitting desk to a standing desk, which has been shown to improve employee health and productivity.

Get a Custom Mobile Computer Workstation at Scott-Clark Medical

Scott-Clark provides quality customizable medical computer carts to fit your specific needs. There are many designs to choose from, with various add-ons available. Among the different cart options, you can select between carts designed for laptops, desktops, all-in-ones, or thin client devices. Our FMCPT batteries are state-of-the-art and ensure you always have a medical cart ready when your staff needs one.

At Scott-Clark Medical, our customer service is second to none. If you can’t find what you need, we will either modify existing models or completely fabricate an entirely new product to suit your facility’s needs. Learn more about what the Scott-Clark Medical team can do for your healthcare facility. Call us at (512) 756-7300 to discuss your medical cart needs.

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