Medical Computer Workstation On Wheels


Medical Computer Workstation on Wheels

Using a computer on wheels cart can dramatically improve the workflow in a hospital setting. Medical professionals can use the rolling casters to move the mobile computer cart to the point of care, enabling them to access electronic health records at the patients’ bedside.

Many mobile carts have a height-adjustable functionality, allowing the user to find the most comfortable working position. When operating the computer cart as a stand desk, this offers a more ergonomic workspace for the user.

The swivel top engineering design also provides additional privacy and security by allowing physicians and nurses to turn the mobile laptop to face the patient and position the screen away from visitors or unauthorized personnel.

You can choose a mobile computer workstation with a large work surface, providing staff with more generous space on the durable laptop desks. A medical facility can choose cart solutions suitable for various sizes of laptop computers, and it’s possible to equip mobile stands with a dual-screen capability if required.

Mobile medical laptop workstations allow hospital staff to view and update patient files in real-time, and you can even add secure drawers for simultaneous use as medication carts.

It’s vital to choose the right battery system for your power cart, as it needs to be ready for use 24/7. Unlike a computer in a home office, a battery-powered laptop cart has to be on the ward at all times to maximize the benefits of its flexible features.

medical workstation on wheels

The Scott-Clark Medical Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT) system can keep your cart on the ward for as long as your staff are working. And with simple hot-swap technology, staff can quickly change battery packs without disrupting the computer’s power source.

Scott-Clark Medical has been supplying industry-leading medical computer workstations on wheels to hospitals and healthcare facilities for over two decades. Contact our sales team at 512-756-7300 for a consultation regarding your medical cart requirements, or to retrofit and refurbish your current medical workstation fleet with our exceptional FMCPT system.

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