Medical Computer Carts on Wheels

Medical computer carts on wheels make managing patient data and supplies significantly easier and more secure. They are sturdy mobile computer stations that let you take everything you need with you. There is no carrying heavy laptops, dealing with multiple cords, equipment connectivity problems, or hoping the workstation at your next destination is working. This saves you and your patient time and frustration and improves your overall performance. Medical Computer

Features of a Medical Computer Cart on Wheels

Scott-Clark wheeled medical carts are designed with the medical environment in mind. They make carts with materials that are easily cleaned, will not break down over time, and will not harbor harmful pathogens such as MRSA. This means reducing the amount of plastic used and using lightweight extruded aluminum or stainless steel instead. Both metals are powder coated to protect the surface and make cleaning easier. Their medical computer carts also use castors which roll well on multiple surfaces, meaning you can take your cart almost anywhere. The carts are also made compact enough to be easily maneuvered through hallways and stored without taking up too much room. Another useful feature of these wheeled computer carts is Scott-Clark’s power system. They have designed batteries that are longer lasting and can be changed on the go. The mobile workstations will also function while plugged into a wall socket. These options provide maximum flexibility and functionality for a busy workforce that is always on the move. While medical carts are incredibly useful, the same cart will not work for all circumstances. To make sure you have the rolling cart that is best for you, Scott-Clark provides quality customizable medical computer carts to fit your specific needs. There are many designs to choose from, with various add-ons available. battery Among the different cart options, you have the choice between carts designed for laptops, desktops, all-in-ones, or thin client devices. Monitors are available in different sizes and types. Shelves can be added and made lockable. A large number of peripherals are available such as printers, scanners, and RFID readers. Vitals recorders and IV poles are also options along with many other useful items. If you can't find what you need, Scott-Clark will either modify existing models or completely fabricate an entirely new product. Learn more about what the Scott-Clark Medical Team can do for you.

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