Medical Device Manufacturers and Distributors

As science and technology continue to push forward in the medical field, medical device manufacturers & distributors will reach new levels of innovation for devices and tools. Of course, as devices become more innovative, the technology used to house these devices and increase productivity will change as well.

Dialysis Medical Device

Research shows that over the next three years the medical cart industry will be worth upwards of $2.5 billion globally, growing at a rate of over 15% annually. As technology continually changes, devices become more advanced and more compact. There will be a need for equipment to transport these items and make them hands-free. Medical device manufacturers and distributors will be forced to create options with even smaller footprints and more versatility.

While technological innovation is certainly something to consider, the health problems being experienced by medical professionals will play a role in the increase in demand for upgraded equipment as well. Due to the rise in mobile technology, medical professionals are spending a large amount of time typing, standing, bending, and transporting carts.

Medical device manufacturers & distributors now have a demand for more ergonomic options when it comes to mobile carts; these options may include adjustable work height, mounts that allow free movement of monitors, and shelving that prevents bending, just to name a few.

Medical vital signs monitor

While most medical device manufacturers & distributors offer a variety of options with their mobile workspace designs, Scott-Clark provides an impressive array of custom cart options. The also have peripheral options for clinicians and other medical professionals to choose the features most vital to their specific needs.

One of Scott-Clark's leading innovations, unique to their brand, is the Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT) system which eliminates virtually any power issues. The FMCPT is just one thing that Scott-Clark can provide that other medical device manufacturers & distributors cannot. Learn more about what the Scott-Clark Medical Team can do for you and contact us today.

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