Medical Equipment Cart

Medical supply carts enable hospital staff to spend more time treating patients and provide increased access to equipment and materials. A medical facility can purchase a range of isolation carts, case carts, and treatment carts to meet general and specialist teams’ needs for treating their patients.

When in an operating room, a mobile medical cart can carry an IV pole for delivering vital medications, while medics can position emergency carts at ward entrances to increase response times.
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Many carts are designed with ball bearing swivel caster systems that reduce friction and allow for smooth operation across multiple floor surfaces. The steel construction material makes it quick and easy for staff to clean utility carts before and after each use for improved infection control procedures. Because many departments require specific medical supplies such as those on a crash cart, it’s important to purchase adequate security options to prevent unauthorized access, such as biometric locks and proximity scanners.

When choosing the most suitable cart, medical personnel can add baskets and drawers for added space, and it’s also possible to access patient files directly from the laptop computer workspace.

General-purpose medical storage carts are ideal for routine use on the ward and can improve their workflow. These efficiencies can have a positive impact on patient care standards.

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For expert advice when purchasing a mobile medical equipment cart, contact the experienced Scott-Clark Medical sales team at 512-756-7300. With over two decades of experience supplying state of the art mobile workstations, we can help you make the most suitable choice for your facility.

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