Medical Equipment Manufacturer

The Scott-Clark Medical team is the global market leader in mobile hospital carts, battery management solutions, and medical workstations. Our headquarters are located in Texas, and our products are distributed worldwide.

Extensive experience in medical devices

Our many years of expertise in the medical devices industry has made us one of the best medical equipment manufacturers globally. Our high-quality and user-friendly medical equipment has earned us accolades and praise from numerous health care professionals. We know what products and systems work to make hospital environments more efficient, saving costs for hospital administers and saving time for hospital workers.

Rigorous quality control

We involve ourselves in all the production processes for our products and have extensive knowledge of the newest materials and technologies used in medical equipment. Long-term collaboration with frontline hospital workers has also provided us with insights on hospital and other healthcare environments, so we understand how to design products that work under field conditions. Additionally, as we are involved with the manufacturing of all our products, we can exercise quality control right from the source, ensuring all our products are safe for use. These are only a few of the reasons why we have become the top-rated medical equipment manufacturer we are today.

Comprehensive support

Working with a well-established medical equipment manufacturer partner such as Scott-Clark Medical ensures you can operate effectively and always have someone to contact if you have questions. Our highly trained service personnel can provide comprehensive support. Our customer service desk not only helps with product troubleshooting but can also answer questions about how to improve workflow processes. This ensures you can maximize the capability of our products.

We know you want to optimize care for your patients and clients by providing them with the best and most advanced technologies and equipment available.

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