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In a busy hospital or clinical environment, your medical staff needs every advantage to help them do their jobs effectively. Facilities spend considerable amounts of their budget on staff training to keep their skills at the highest level.

However, you also need to give employees the most suitable equipment to enable them to improve patient care and build your reputation as a leading healthcare facility. Known by a range of names due to their versatility, mobile computer carts can aid your staff during their daily rounds and in more critical emergencies.

When investing in your hospital or clinic, purchase medical devices that are robust, adaptable, and most importantly contribute positively to patient outcomes. The impressive range of functionality means a mobile computer cart can be of significant value to your staff and patients.

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Long-Life Battery Power with Improved Technology

At Scott-Clark Medical we use the latest Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT). Our carts carry two long-life LIFE PO4 batteries. While one is powering the cart, the other is fully-charged and available to be switched out when needed. Each battery can provide up to 12 hours of power for the mobile unit, and the batteries can charge in as little as 2.5 hours.

When the battery in use begins to run low on charge, there are visual and audio warnings to alert the user of the cart. Using our hot-swap system, any member of your staff can remove a battery and replace it with the one which has a full-charge in approximately 30 seconds.

Your employees can continue their rounds without interruption. Improving workflow and raising levels of efficiency can help your facility to improve staff morale, provide better patient care, and increase profitability.

We can also retro-fit the batteries to older carts, saving you money, while still keeping you at the forefront of modern technological advancements.

Superior Patient Interactions

It’s understandable that patients are feeling anxious and stressed when they are in hospital. They are concerned for their health, and while a medical professional’s primary objective is to help them get better, it is also vital they interact with them on a personal level.

Studies suggest that physicians can achieve improved patient outcomes if they can connect with them and make them feel part of their treatment process.

Mobile laptop carts have a variety of features that can help enhance the physician-patient relationship. By bringing the computer with the patient’s notes, images, and lab results to the point of care, your staff can show they are being open and transparent.

Using the height adjustment feature, a physician can lower the laptop screen to the level of the bedside, and they can sit with the patient at the same elevation.

When discussing the patient’s results and treatment options, there may be complex medical terminology that is difficult for a non-medical professional to understand. In these situations a physician can pull out the retractable keyboard tray, connect to the internet, and find images or videos that may help to explain the terms.

Vital Devices On Board

Another aspect of patient care that patients can find disconcerting is having different medical professionals attending and then leaving, only for another member of staff to disturb them shortly after.

One of the main reasons for these interruptions is that staff need to go to storage areas to locate equipment, and then return to the point of care. However, with a mobile laptop cart, the physician or nurse can have devices for measuring vital signs with them at all times.

The secure locking drawers and anti-microbial containers ensure it is safe for trained and authorized staff to transport medicines, sharps, and other potentially dangerous material through the hospital wards.

After working with the patient, employees can enter their password into the password-protected laptop, and add their notes which automatically update the central computer system.

Time is of the essence in a hospital setting, so writing notes in a paper file that a colleague then needs to add on to the main system can lead to delays in treatment, which may have severe consequences. Notes added at the patient’s bedside are instantly available, providing vital information to all professionals involved in the treatment plan.

Ease of Maneuverability

In conjunction with the lightweight frame, smooth-rolling conductive casters are an essential addition to your cart.

As staff push their unit across the floor, an electric static charge can build and could transfer onto your medical devices. Conductive casters transfer any static build-up back down to the floor, offering protection for expensive medical devices.

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An Array of Peripheral Options

A medical cart that carries all the equipment required for a cardiac ward is unsuitable for a routine in-patient ward, and so you need to have flexible options when equipping your cart. There are a multitude of peripheral devices you can use to customize your mobile laptop cart.

You can choose to have biometric locking drawers, barcode scanners for medicines, tabletop extensions, IV poles, retractable power cords, and many other options depending on your unique needs.

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Mobile medical laptop carts can serve a range of functions for almost any situation in a hospital or clinical setting. Because you can create your customized cart, you can have many carts throughout your facility, all meeting the specific needs of their ward.

Scott-Clark Medical is pioneering the next generation of mobile medical carts and serves the US, Canada, and we also distribute internationally. For a consultation with a member of our team, call us at (512) 756-7300.

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