Medical Laptop Cart with Drawer

Medical Laptop Cart with Drawer

Walk into almost any doctor’s office or hospital, and you will likely see one or more portable medical carts, each holding a laptop or other computer. Since medical records have gone electronic in recent years, having a medical laptop cart with drawers is now an essential piece of equipment in almost every health profession.

With 20 years of experience in the field, Scott-Clark knows how to design and construct the best medical carts around. Made of stainless steel and extruded aluminum that have been powder-coated, they are made to last and inhibit the growth of infectious materials.

Medical Laptop Cart

Advantages of medical laptop carts with drawers

Point of Care medical carts offer a dependable and easy-to-use mobile workstation. A storage drawer is incredibly handy and can hold almost anything, from a pen and paper to hand sanitizer to adhesive bandages. Some carts have their own power supply and others require an outlet, but both are simple to transport from room to room (or floor to floor) and offer convenience and expedience for medical personnel.

Our carts offer flexibility. They are compatible with a variety of different tablets, notebooks, and laptops. Work surfaces provide a desktop area that is large enough to utilize in any room setting. The tabletop and monitor are adjustable for ease of use and comfort.

Customization is also possible. If we do not have a medical laptop cart that meets your specific requirements, we can alter one we currently have or design a new one from scratch just for you.

Whether you need one or two or one or two dozen medical laptop carts, we have what you need. Our hospital-grade carts provide easy mobility, are made with quality materials, are secure when you need it most, are long-lasting, and you can count on them when you need them. At the same time, they are aesthetically pleasing in any environment.

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