Medical Laptop Carts for Clinical Settings

Mobile computer carts are a familiar sight in hospitals and other clinical settings because they make a significant contribution to many aspects of healthcare. Improving efficiency, providing higher-standards of patient care, and keeping your staff and patients safe are goals all facilities share. Mobile carts contribute to these objectives.

At Scott-Clark Medical, we can customize your cart to meet your exact requirements which include standard specifications as well as specialized equipment. Adding accessories can benefit your staff, enabling them to perform more efficiently and improving job and patient satisfaction.

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What are the Features of a Scott Clark Medical Laptop Cart on Wheels?

Reduce the Risk of Infection Transference

Possibly the most significant threat in any healthcare setting is the spread of infections. When staff gathers at static points, such as a bank of computers they use to access patient notes, a central pharmacy, or a storeroom, the risk of picking up an infection from a co-worker increases.

Staff can then spread it around the hospital as they go about their work. Since the vast majority of medical staff come into close contact with patients, they can pass bacteria on, potentially causing severe harm to their patient’s health.

By using a mobile cart, the staff do not need to meet at static points, so they are less likely to come into contact with bacteria. You can equip these units with drawers and baskets which can hold essential materials such as masks, gowns, and gloves which the medic can wear when treating patients, and they can dispose of contaminated materials in an antimicrobial container located on the cart.

Security for Medications and Materials

An important part of working in a hospital is keeping medications and potentially dangerous materials such as sharps and scalpels secure. Apart from the risk of accidental harm, some patients may have substance-abuse issues. By using a biometric locking system, only authorized hospital personnel can open the drawers.

Staff carry encoded key cards, which the cart’s proximity scanner can recognize when they are within a certain distance. It is even possible to give staff keycards encoded with some permissions, but not others. This feature is useful when nurses may need to retrieve items such as needles for their work, but they do not have permission to access drawers that contain medications.

Improve Patient Interactions

A mobile laptop cart can be equipped with a retractable keyboard tray so it takes up less work surface, and staff can use the height-adjustable CPU holder to bring the laptop to the same height as the patient. They can show the patient their notes, and talk them through their treatment options.

This transparent and interactive approach allows the patient to feel involved in their treatment plan and can foster a feeling of trust and respect with their physician. Studies have shown that improved interactions between medical staff and patients could lead to better patient outcomes.

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Ease of Use

At Scott-Clark Medical, we provide lightweight carts that move smoothly on conductive casters. These wheels collect static electric charges that build-up when they move over floors. These charges can transfer over metal surfaces and could damage or destroy critical electrical equipment. However, conductive casters push the charge back to the floor, ensuring your devices are safe.

Should you need to store the cart at the end of a shift, staff can remove the monitor and place it on a wall mount, helping to save storage space. Although they carry a wide range of medical devices, the intelligent design gives a sleek appearance and can fit into small storage areas.

What are the Features of a Scott Clark Medical Laptop Cart?

Durable Frame

Although the carts are lightweight for better portability, they have robust stainless steel or aluminium frames that can support a considerable amount of medical equipment.

Easy-to-Clean Materials

Scott-Clark Medical mobile laptop carts on wheels have easy-to-clean materials to prevent harmful pathogens from building up. The metal parts of the carts are powder-coated for easier cleaning.

It is also simple to wipe down other components. The intelligent design ensures staff can easily access monitor mounts, battery chargers, and locking drawers for a thorough sterilization process.

Height Adjustable

Improve hospital ergonomics for staff and patients with our laptop carts with height-adjustable features so staff can raise or lower the laptop surface and minimize strain on the neck and shoulders.

Locking Casters

Mobile laptop carts ensure you have access to your patient records at any location in your medical facility, allowing for improved patient engagement and real-time updates to electronic medical records.

Our heavy-duty multidirectional casters can roll over various flooring surfaces with ease and lock securely to prevent the cart from moving during use.

Improve the Efficiency of Your Facility with Scott-Clark Medical Laptop Carts

At Scott-Clark Medical, we believe there is no one-size-fits-all solution for medical laptop carts. For this reason, we provide you with high-quality, customizable medical laptop carts on wheels tailored to the specific needs of your medical facility.

We have multiple designs and accessories available in a variety of configurations. Scott-Clark Medical’s reliable cart power and battery management systems, point of care medication workstations, offer our patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System for your peace of mind.

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