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Faster access, more quality healthcare

Can your hospital or healthcare facility benefit from improved access to electronic medical records and patient data? Scott-Clark Medical laptop carts provide a safer and more readily available environment for caregivers to have timely access to key patient data. Our systems have a direct benefit for patients by reducing the opportunity for human error as well as the time spent moving to and from a stationary electronic medical record location.

With a sleek and useful design, our team of experts has crafted our medical laptop carts to effectively reduce the burden placed on caregivers when referencing electronic patient data. With onboard battery charging, caregivers can use the laptop cart for extended periods of time.

Scott-Clark Medical’s medical laptop carts help avoid accidents caused by excessive movement as caregivers eliminate the need to constantly move back and forth to a set electronic medical record location. Using mobile laptop carts is a decision that positively impacts the healthcare environment by reducing clutter and the need to be in constant motion.

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An investment in patient satisfaction

When entering a patient’s room with a Scott-Clark medical laptop cart, caregivers do not need to leave the room to access additional data or further consult their medical record. Information can be shared with the patient in a timely manner, allowing for a faster and more effective care experience.

Caregivers can attend to a patient quickly without entering and leaving the room, even while family members are visiting.

Investing in medical laptop carts is an investment in efficiency and satisfaction, allowing caregivers to be more accurate and time effective. Time spent with the patient is the priority in great medical attention.

Scott-Clark solutions help maximize the time caregivers can spend attending to patients.

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