Medical Rolling Cart with Drawers

Good organization in medical care practice can save time and money and deliver a more efficient service to the patient. Medical carts are now becoming a standard way to boost time-efficient working in hospitals and doctors’ offices.

rolling medical cart with drawers

What is a Medical Cart?

A medical cart is a mobile workstation, equipped with a computer for reading and updating patient records and drawers to carry medications or surgical instruments.

Nurses used to use a standard desk with a computer, which necessitated a lot of walking to and from patients’ beds. They also had a standard medication cart containing the drugs for all their patients. Now, medical carts are compact enough for the computer and the medication to be moved to each patient’s bedside as necessary.

Technology where it is Needed

Medical carts not only make for easier working for nurses and other staff, they also increase patient safety. Barcode technology for medication administration (BCMA) is now the norm in hospitals, and this is now an integral component of many medical carts.

Scott-Clark produces many types of medical carts that incorporate barcode readers, individual user passwords, and lockable drawers. This means that medication can be taken in a locked container to the patient’s bedside and the medical record updated simultaneously, reducing the chance of recording errors.

rolling cart with drawers

Patient Safety

Being able to update the computer at the bedside can greatly increase time-efficiency and reduce costs, as there is no need to have a computer in every room. A medical rolling cart with drawers also helps to increase patient safety.

Scott-Clark’s BCMA-compliant medical cart system features lockable medication drawers for one patient per nurse per shift; the locking system also allows only one drawer to be unlocked at a time, and it records the number of drawer openings/lockings.

For access to state-of-the-art technology, right where it’s needed, together with greater patient safety, a medical rolling cart with drawers is the way forward for professional medical staff.

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