Mobile Medical Storage Cart with Drawers

Mobile medical carts are useful in a wide range of clinical scenarios, so they need to carry a variety of medical equipment. Some items, such as personal protective equipment (PPE) can fit into baskets on the side storage baskets. Medications, sharps, and scalpels are high-risk, and you need secure drawers for staff and patient safety.

Carts also carry laptop computers that store sensitive patient data. This feature is essential when physicians are treating patients, and need to know crucial information that could potentially save their life.

At Scott-Clark Medical, we offer a variety of storage solutions and accessories to customize your unit to your required specifications.

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Types of Medical Storage Available with Your Scott Clark Medical Cart

General Purpose Medical Equipment Storage

Infection transference is a major issue in many healthcare facilities, and staff need to abide by strict protocols for sanitizing medical carts between patients. Disinfectant wipes and sprays are essential for minimizing the risk of infection, and staff can use open baskets for storing and transporting these items.

They also need to carry adequate supplies of PPE, which can only be used once, then disposed of. Gowns, masks, gloves, and foot coverings may be necessary when following infection control procedures, and staff must dispose of these safely after attending with each patient.

While they can store their PPE in attached baskets on the sides of utility carts, once they have attended the point of care, staff need a safe storage container for the potentially infected clothing before they move to the next patient. You can equip your mobile cart with antimicrobial containers that tightly seal contaminated items in the box.

Electronic Equipment Storage

Computer carts carry confidential patient data, so you can password protect your laptops to prevent unauthorized access. If staff need access to two files simultaneously, you can customize your cart with a dual-screen feature.

It is also beneficial to have uncluttered storage areas, so using a wireless keyboard and mouse can eliminate the need for unnecessary cables. Retractable keyboard trays and rechargeable batteries also provide cable management to help to keep your work area tidy and organized.

Medicines and Sharps Storage

The most critical consideration in a medical facility is keeping your staff and patients safe. The nature of medicine requires that professionals have access to pharmaceuticals and items such as needles and scalpels, which could cause harm if in possession of untrained personnel.

Procedure carts are designed to enable professionals to carry these necessary medical supplies without putting themselves or others at risk. Staff can lose considerable amounts of time if they need to continuously attend an onsite pharmacy to retrieve medicines, or to go to a designated administrative area to find patient notes.

Utilizing a mobile isolation cart, they can carry this equipment with them, improving efficiency, patient care, and the facility’s profit margin. At Scott-Clark Medical, we provide mobile medical units that come with heavy-duty biometrically locking drawers for safety which only allow access when a specially encoded keycard is within a predetermined distance.

The inbuilt proximity scanner detects the presence of an encoded card, and only grants access when that member of staff makes a request. However, when dealing with such sensitive components, there must be an accurate historical log. Within the storage drawers, you can add a barcode scanner that creates a record whenever a physician removes a medicine from the cart.

By using this technique, staff can take a full complement of medications with them on their rounds, dispense them at the point of care, and feel safe knowing that the system has made a record of each transaction, supporting them in the event of any contrary allegations.

Mobile Cart Storage for Improved Reaction Times

When an emergency arises, medical professionals need to respond immediately. If they need to retrieve patient notes, medicines, and other medical devices from several locations, this is inefficient and could lower patient outcomes. An emergency crash cart available on high-risk wards enables specialist teams to reach the point of care while bringing all the essential tools.

Should a patient be in distress, the reaction time could determine if they survive, and impact on their chances of making a full recovery. In this case, carts that are already close by could have a significant decisive role in their care.

Proper organization is vital for speedy emergency response times. Our carts can be equipped with various sized drawers to hold emergency medical essentials and software integration to ensure the cart is always stocked.

Customized Medical Storage Carts

At Scott-Clark Medical, we give you the ability to configure your cart to meet the clinical setting requirements within your facility, whether you need anesthesia carts for an operating room, or point of care carts for recovery wards.

Even in a general ward, it can be frustrating for patients to have one staff member take blood, only for another to come by an hour later to dispense medication. By having equipment that can monitor vital signs, drawers that hold needles and medicines, and a computer where they can see their results all in one place at the same time, you can increase patient satisfaction.

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Storage Carts for Convenience

In addition to our wide range of storage solutions and accessories, our medical storage carts come with a range of convenient features to help improve workflow and patient care.

Lightweight Frame

Although a mobile medical cart has an immense storage capacity, staff can still transport the unit easily throughout the hospital. Made from stainless steel construction or aluminum, they are robust and yet lightweight.

Enhanced Mobility

Smooth-rolling casters enable staff to take the cart to the point of care, and then use the locking mechanism to keep the unit in place until they are ready to move on. The compact design of the wheel base allows for better maneuverability around tight corners and easy storage so you can maximize the floor space of your facility.

Spacious Work Surface

A generous work top allows staff to efficiently perform tasks such as administering medications and examining patients at their bedside. The discreet keyboard tray and mounted monitor means that the worktop is always free to hold essential supplies.

Ergonomic Handles

Our standard carts come fitted with extra large ergonomically designed handles on the front and rear of the cart to offer enhanced mobility.

Rear Storage Bin

The basic cart model comes with a rear storage bin that is ideal for keeping frequently used supplies such as gloves and masks, or sterilization supplies including disinfectant wipes and alcohol-based spray.

For Better Organization, Choose Scott-Clark Medical Storage Carts

Organization and storage is the key to an efficient medical facility.Our medical storage carts are completely customizable to accommodate the storage needs of your operation. From electronic locking drawers to sharps containers, we have the storage accessories you need to create a fleet of mobile medical carts for every department in your facility.

The team at Scott-Clark Medical has more than 20 years’ experience supplying high-quality medical carts and accessories to the medical community worldwide. With unrivaled aftercare, our technicians can refurbish or retrofit your fleet of medical storage carts onsite with minimal disruption to your team.

To talk to a member of our team about how we can help you, call (512) 756-7300 or complete our convenient online form to request a quote.

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