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Scott-Clark Medical has over 20 years’ experience retrofitting hospital and other healthcare facilities with medical supply storage solutions. Partners like Thundercat, Ultralife, and Debetrex have enabled Scott-Clark Medical to improve the efficiency of healthcare teams and help them provide better quality patient care.

The team at Scott-Clark Medical developed the first reliable cart power system, battery management and point of care medication workstation. Our patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System (IEC60601-1) further solves workflow and downtime issues. We focus on medication carts, our point of care carts, peripheral options, and custom carts for medical supply storage solutions.

Medication Carts

These carts can be secured for transportation and storage, making them ideal for medication. We have multiple options for drawer layouts and electronic locking. Both cassette and supply style drawers are available. Our patented medical station supply carts are lightweight, adjustable in height and easy to maneuver by pushing or pulling.

Point of Care Carts

Our range of point of care mobile carts is the simplest and easiest medical supply storage option. Basic storage drawers, bar code wands, and our FMCPT Swap-Option battery are all options these carts. Other features include:

  • Compatible to be used with most Laptops, notebooks or tablet PCs
  • Customizable to suit many different needs and uses
  • Large work surface to use in patient rooms
  • Small footprint for storage and ease of maneuvering
  • Swappable or chargeable long-lasting Lithium battery technology

medical supply storage systemsPeripheral Options

There are many options to configure an ideal medical supply storage solution. These include devices like:

  • Locking and storage drawers
  • Computers or monitors
  • Power options
  • Printers, scanners, card readers and more
  • RFID devices
  • Vital recording and signs devices
  • Workstation configurations for tools, charts, trash and more

Custom Carts

The team at Scott-Clark Medical can offer options to create a customized medical supply storage solution when the standard product does not meet your needs.

Scott-Clark provides reliable cart power and battery management systems, point of care medication workstations, and offers a patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System.

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