Medical Treatment Carts in Clinical Settings

Mobile medical carts provide support to medical professionals who work in different hospital departments. A growing number of physicians now view mobile procedure carts as an essential item, whether it be in a general ward, specialist departments, or in an operating room.

Due to the variety of challenges that exist daily in clinical settings, one of the greatest strengths of utility carts is that you can design the cart based on your unique needs.

At Scott-Clark Medical, we can add or remove accessories to our standard medical cart model depending on your requirements, so you can have a bespoke unit that is the most effective choice for your employees to maximize productivity and enhance patient care.

Medical Treatment Carts

Why Choose a Scott-Clark Medical Treatment Cart

Improve Efficiency

In many medical facilities, staff spends a lot of time away from the point of care collecting materials, patient files, and medications from fixed locations. By utilizing a mobile medical cart, they can carry everything they need with them.

You can keep medication supplies in secure drawers, while all the patient information is on a laptop on the unit. These systems can instantly improve efficiency levels, leading to better patient care, staff satisfaction, and increased profitability.

Increase Patient Confidentiality

Hospitals have access to confidential patient medical information, and it is important to ensure this data is secure. Modern technology removes the need for paper files and enables staff to keep patient records secure on encrypted computer servers.

Aside from duplicating workloads, when a physician makes notes in a paper file, then a colleague in the administrative department has to type up the same notes later, this increases the risk of a data breach. Any patient or visitor could pick up the file from a desk and read the records, and a file could even be lost or stolen.

However, when a physician takes a mobile treatment cart with them on their rounds, they do not need a paper file, as the most up-to-date patient information is already on the laptop. After entering their password, they can read the notes, and then add their own after treatment.

Ideal for Specialist Departments

At Scott-Clark Medical, we provide a range of custom carts that offer versatile features to suit different specialist departments.

Specialists who work in an operating theater require medications and devices that many other departments don’t need. Unnecessary equipment and supplies can clutter your cart and reduce efficiency.

Medical supply carts need to be organized for rapid access when needed. Emergency crash carts need a variety of clearly labeled, easily accessible drawers with resuscitation equipment, while anesthesia carts require all essential sedation medications as well as a selection of oral and nasopharyngeal airways.

For general ward carts, secure medication storage is essential to prevent theft or incorrect dosage. Our carts can be customized with biometric lockable drawers that can only be accessed by authorized personnel with a code and keycard.

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Carts are Cost-Effective

Made of stainless steel or aluminum, these units are built to last. At Scott-Clark Medical, we offer regular servicing at your premises, enabling you to carry on with your work. We can replace any worn parts with new ones, keeping your unit in excellent condition.

If your cart requires refurbishment our staff can perform this work onsite with minimal disruption to your facility.

As technology develops we can retrofit your mobile transfer carts to ensure you remain at the cutting edge of medical technology. These services not only keep your cart in excellent condition and up-to-date, but they save you money as you don’t need to replace an entire fleet of carts.

Choose Premium Custom Medical Treatment Carts at Scott-Clark Medical

Purchasing a mobile treatment cart is an investment in your facility, your staff, and your patients. There are significant benefits to using mobile carts, such as saving time and money, adding the medical equipment you need, and adhering to HIPAA requirements.

By making these units available to specialist staff, you could also improve patient outcomes in high-risk wards.

For a consultation with a member of our team, contact Scott-Clark Medical on (512) 756-7300 to learn more about the variety of custom options available.

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