Medical Utility Cart on Wheels

Mobile carts can be of great benefit to your workplace, and many hospitals and healthcare

Medical Utility Cart on Wheels

facilities now value them highly. A Scott-Clark medical utility cart on wheels is an effective way of improving patient care, while also streamlining your operations.

Mobile and adaptable

Healthcare professionals spend a significant amount of time on paperwork. A medical utility cart on wheels allows your staff to have immediate access to medical records anywhere within the workspace. Medications can be stored in the versatile drawers of our medical carts, meaning less time is wasted when it comes to administering medication to patients.

Scott-Clark have designed a range of medical carts to suit your needs, and we can also offer custom made carts to cater to those who have even more specific requirements.

Increased quality of care

Scott-Clark Medical has pioneered Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT), which allows healthcare staff to choose between swapping batteries or stopping to charge them. There is no longer any need for patient care to be interrupted by the search for a fully charged medical cart.

With the streamlined approach that a medical utility cart with wheels provides, caregivers gain a greater amount of time to commit to their patients. Portable power

Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology

systems are one of the advanced technological solutions currently contributing to a more efficient healthcare industry. With a Scott-Clark medical utility cart on wheels, you can have dependable power for a full shift, and more time to commit to providing high-quality care.

Easy to operate

A medical utility cart on wheels made by Scott Clark will move smoothly when pushing or pulling. Our carts are built with extruded aluminum and stainless steel that has been powder coated for longevity and safe use. We designed the surfaces to be easy to clean, an essential factor in any healthcare setting.

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