Medical Utility Carts for Labs

Working in the medical sector, it’s important to provide excellent service for patients. One thing you want to avoid at all costs is the loss of a patient sample or lab results. Using medical utility carts for labs, you can securely store items and manage any sample, as well as your IT software on the go.

Depending on your requirements, we can customize your cart based on drawer sized, IT systems or use of bar code wands or other readers to manage medical processes. Mobile medical utility carts save walking time, reduce strain, and ultimately increase staff efficiency by allowing more quality time with patients and the ability to quickly, with a smaller error rate, complete important forms and update records right at the patient’s bedside.

Medical Utility Carts for Labs

Experienced Medical Utility Cart Provider

At Scott-Clark, we have over 20 years of experience engineering mobile carts, as well as working with staff from real hospitals across the country. As a result, we can have learned how to produce medical utility carts for labs with minimum plastic surface coating, reducing the potential spread of disease. We use extruded aluminum and stainless steel, with powder coating to keep your cart safe and lasting longer.

A Mobile Option That Fits Your Workflow

In the medical industry, whether it’s taking care of a patient or in the lab, you need IT systems that won’t fail you and cost valuable minutes or hours resolving a problem. We provide reliable carts, with hardware and software you can trust, along with customization options.

Together with our excellent battery options, including fast-charging, long-lasting and swap-out battery packs, you can stay running for longer just like your cart.

medical utility carts

Lab Use

For lab use, we can provide ideal-fit drawers to store samples in test tubes, pots or petri dishes. Any requirement you have, we’ll do our best to fulfill by tailoring your medical utility carts to your exact needs. In addition, flexible adjustable height options allow for comfortable ergonomic use, preventing strain during a long shift.

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