Medical Utility Carts With Drawers

Medical Utility Carts With Drawers

The evolution of medical carts has led to greater efficiency within healthcare facilities worldwide. These mobile workstations provide immediate access to the most commonly used supplies, and they can be customized and accessorized to fit individual practices.

Medical utility carts with drawers allow staff to keep necessary supplies close at hand. With regular restocking routines doctors, nurses, and patient care assistants need never leave the patient in search of standard items. This keeps patient satisfaction high and eases stress for staff.

Versatility In Options

Customization of medical carts makes it easier than ever to create a drawered medical cart that works in your facility. Drawers can be numbered and sized to your individual needs. This versatility works in your favor to increase organization and efficiency.

Accessories can be added to your medical cart to enhance their usability further. Bins and racks for files, thermometers, stethoscopes, and blood pressure cuffs keep all supplies in one accessible location.

The workstation on top of the cart is another benefit. Your medical cart can be customized to be stationary, or casters can be added to allow mobility. Locks on the casters ensure safety while in use.

Medical Utility Carts With Drawers

Common Medical Cart Uses

Medical utility carts should be maintained for multiple uses. Emergency crash carts are essential in any type of emergency or hospital facility. Standard supply carts are used in doctors’ offices, walk-in clinics, and on the hospital floors.

Medical cart drawers can be stocked with gauze, syringes, sanitizing wipes, needles, IV tubing, caps, bandages, flushes, and heparin.

Medical carts can also be equipped with drawers for filing, as well as drawer dividers to keep small parts separated. Medicine drawers can be equipped with locks to allow only secure access.

At Scott-Clark we can help you customize your medical carts to provide the greatest measure of efficiency possible.

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