Medication Cart Accessories

The Scott-Clark medication cart  is designed to be flexible because we know that one-size-fits-all doesn't work for our clients. It makes sense that a cart used in a clinic shouldn't need to look the same as one used in a nursing home, for example. That's why we love helping clients customize the configuration and choose the accessories for each cart separately.

The first step when choosing your medication cart  accessories is to consider how a cart can support your facility’s standard medication management practices. The second step is to contact us so that we can recommend the accessories that will add real value to your cart.

Scott-Clark cart accessories

Here are some of our most popular medication cart accessories that have helped many facilities streamline their patient care.

  • Laptop arm and a power source when the cart doubles up as a mobile computer station.
  • Foam keyboard wrist rest that maintains wrists in a neutral position for more ergonomic computer use.
  • Instrument bin to keep instruments like thermometers and stethoscopes close by for every bedside visit.
  • IV Pole to transport fluid bags easily and free up care space during rounds.
  • Sani-cloth container cradle so that you always have convenient access to wipes.

Medication Cart Accessories

  • Wire basket for easy access to miscellaneous items needed for patient care.
  • Glove box holder that carries three boxes of gloves simultaneously.
  • Sharps container with a lock to keep sharps out of reach and provide quick access when needed.
  • Cup dispenser bracket to carry disposable cups for on-site consumption of tablets and capsules.
  • Barcode scanner holder to cradle a hand-held scanner.
  • Draw locks and draw lock control mechanisms for safer medication management.

Medication Cart

Pimp up your cart

Scott-Clark has got your accessory needs covered with our wide range of items, easy ordering process, quality guarantee, and great customer service.

Contact our team to find out about the other accessories in our range. Remember that, while some accessories are naturally suited to medication carts, you may still choose whichever items suit your unique facility.

Learn more about what the Scott-Clark Medical Team can do for you.

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