Medication Cart with Computer

Providing the right medications to patients often takes up a substantial portion of a nurse’s time. Streamlining the process free-up the healthcare worker to spend more time with patients and completing other tasks. At Scott-Clark, we can custom-make your business a medication cart with computer technology to aid in a number of hospital processes.

IT software can track the contents of the cart, as well as list the patients who require medication, update records instantly, and otherwise plan and assist a nurse or doctor making his or her rounds. A networked computer can also offer any updated immediately relevant information that might affect a patient’s medication dosages. mobile medication carts with computer

Suitable Features for Point of Care

Our carts can handle hi-tech reliable equipment which means staff can focus on their work instead of dealing with technical difficulties. By making use of networking equipment, your medication carts can be truly untethered, allowing for transportation around an entire facility without any down time. As point of care devices, we minimize the use of surface plastic which can host harmful viruses such as MRSA. Instead, we utilize powder-treated stainless steel and aluminum for a solid and corrosion-resistant finish.

It’s possible to customize the drawers in the cart for the exact needs of the day or the medical establishment, and hold any medications required. In addition, the carts are sturdy, with a solid four-wheel base that glides and maneuvers easily. Our design makes them almost impossible to topple.

medical computer cart with battery

Additional Convenience Everyday

Our battery systems employ cross-compatible battery units, with handles for ease of carry and replacement. Additional features that allow for hot swap battery replacement and fast-charging can keep your medication carts running all day. Scott-Clark provides reliable cart power and battery management systems, point of care medication workstations, and offers a patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System.

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