Medication Cart With Computer

Providing medications to patients often takes up a substantial portion of a nurse’s time. Streamlining the process frees healthcare workers to spend more time with patients and complete other tasks. We offer custom-made medication carts with computer technology to aid your business and personnel in many hospital processes at Scott-Clark Medical.

IT software can track the cart’s contents, list patients who require medication, update records instantly, and plan and assist a nurse or doctor in making their rounds. A networked computer can also provide your personnel with up-to-date, relevant information that might affect a patient’s medication dosages.

Suitable Features for Point of Care

By combining the functionality of a laptop cart with a traditional medication cart, you obtain a highly functional mobile cart solution for hospitals. These bedside mobile carts improve patient care quality and preserve your staff’s healthcare workflow.

We design our mobile workstations to function with the latest computers, laptops, and other smart devices, keeping your medical staff focused on their work at the patient’s bedside instead of troubleshooting computer issues. For example, installing a tablet turns your medical cart into a tablet computer cart.

Studies suggest that nursing personnel spending more time with patients significantly improves patient outcomes. A well-designed desktop or laptop computer cart can substantially improve nurse-patient interaction times.

As point of care devices, our carts minimize the use of ABS table surface elements known by industry professionals to host harmful viruses, such as MRSA. Instead, we use powder-treated stainless steel and aluminum, providing our medical carts with an antimicrobial surface and a robust, corrosion-resistant finish.

Connectivity, Versatility, and Security

Whether you prefer using a desktop computer with mobile power, a laptop cart, a tablet cart, or any combination of the three, all of them are compatible with medication trays.

This compatibility improves their functionality and versatility. Augmenting your computer cart fleet with functional medical storage turns them into versatile, all-purpose mobile medical computer stations.

Additional connectivity options, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB ports, allow your medical computer cart to become an untethered medical computing cart system. Your staff can transport them around different parts of your medical facility with no downtime or interruptions.

Accessing and updating medical records data and files is no longer confined to dedicated computer rooms. With our medical computer cart solutions, your staff can work from any part of your facility, from patient bedrooms to corridors.

Powered mobile computer carts with medication drawers offer numerous advantages over non-powered carts on wheels. One of the most significant benefits is security. Onboard batteries are ideal for powering electronic locks and security devices, preventing unauthorized access to medications as with crash carts.

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Compatibility With Optional Accessories

You can outfit your medical computer cart with a wide range of optional accessories. These include standard and wide-screen monitors (single monitor and multiple monitor configurations), all-in-one devices, desktop and laptop computers, and smart tablets.

You can also install extra peripherals, such as keyboards and mice, single- and dual-locking medication drawers, additional storage drawers, specialized medical equipment, and many more.

We can help you build what you need according to your specifications. Whether you want a light-duty medical cart computer with just the essentials or a full-featured medical cart for maximum versatility, Scott-Clark Medical can help.

You can connect many of these additional options to your computer via existing ports (DVI, HDMI, USB ports, etc.). Our designs make it easy to build your ideal full-featured medical cart for healthcare facilities.

High-Strength Mobile Computer Cart Design

You can customize the drawers in your cart for the exact needs of the day or medical establishment and hold any medications required. The carts are sturdy, with a solid four-wheel base that glides and maneuvers easily.

Our height-adjustable computer cart designs are ideal for providing your healthcare personnel with a highly ergonomic and adaptable workstation, making it an ideal ergonomic solution for hospitals.

Staff members of different heights and builds can use an adjustable mobile computer cart without bending down or causing discomfort. This ergonomic design keeps their work performance high and reduces the risk of workplace injuries.

Our robust medical computer cart designs possess the durability and weight capacity to support any number of optional accessories, peripherals, and point of care equipment you need. They are almost impossible to topple, making them safe to use in any healthcare facility.

Scott-Clark Medical, Your Medical Computing Cart Provider

Our battery systems employ cross-compatible battery units with handles for easy carry and replacement. Additional features and power accessories include hot-swap battery replacement, easy-to-read battery indicators, and fast charging. Take advantage of our complete suite of power accessories to keep your battery-powered computer cart fleet running all day.

Scott-Clark Medical provides a complete line of medical cart products. We carry reliable, fully-featured medical cart solutions, power and battery management systems, and point of care medication workstations. We also offer our innovative FMCPT power cart solution for all our products.

We can customize, retrofit and refurbish the design of cart you need. Whether it is a compact design, simple design, an option with height adjustment, or several peripherals for additional versatility, we can ensure you have the most usable cart or fleet of carts for your facility.

Contact us today for more information on building your ideal medical computer cart.

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