Medication Carts for Hospitals

Moving medication around a hospital might seem like a fairly simple task, but you might gain efficiency by using tailor-made medication carts for hospitals and clinics. At Scott-Clark, we have 20 years of experience engineering carts for medical use. With that deep background, we have also learned a lot of valuable lessons that help us to offer an excellent product.

Our carts are stable, easy to push and maneuver and we can customize them for features such as laptops, bar code wands, medication drawers, electronic equipment, or any other requirements you might have.

We know that it’s important to keep plastic surface to a minimum, in order to prevent the spread of bacteria and disease. For our carts, we use powder-coated aluminum and stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and makes the carts very sturdy.

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Tailored Medication Carts

Different hospitals and clinics often have different requirements, based on the location or the local laws. There might be different sets of processes that need following or varying adoptions of technology. We offer medication carts for hospitals, clinics and any medical environment with locations for your IT equipment, customizable to your requirements.

We can also offer excellent, long-lasting power solutions with the added potential for hot swap battery changing, allowing for seamless use that means you don’t need to restart for a battery swap. This can keep you going for longer when making the rounds or if fixed next to a patient for a long period of time. The last thing you want is your medication cart filing on you when a patient is at risk.

Operational Advice for Best Practice

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If using powered carts, keep batteries charged so you always have a source of power and can continue to replace batteries keeping your carts online.

Our carts feature easy-to-use adjustable height settings, so staff can enjoy a medication cart that is ergonomically suited to their physical proportions. The inclusion of convenient draws allows the carts to hold almost any medication that a patient could require, meaning you don’t need to awkwardly carry objects around in your hands.

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