Medication Carts & Med-Carts for Hospitals

The average nurse in a hospital in the United States will administer more than fifty medications over the course of a twelve-hour day shift. Over the course of a year, thousands of nurses, this amounts to millions if not billions of medications that are administered to patients in the hospital setting every year.

Medication Administration in the Hospital Setting

How medications are delivered to patients in the hospital setting varies depending on the hospital, health system, and the level of acuity or care.

In some hospitals, the area where medications are stored and prepared is located far from the area where they are administered to patients, which is usually at the bedside in patient rooms.

Medication Carts

If a nurse brings the wrong medication or forgets a medication, this represents an inefficiency as he or she has to trek back to the medication room to get the proper medication. It also represents a delay between the time that the medications are given and when they are documented as given or signed off.

In many hospitals, more than ever before, nurses administer medications using medication carts for hospitals that are filled with all the medications a patient needs for each medication administration interval. This is considered to be the safest and best method of medication delivery and administration available for hospitals today.

Making Care Safer Than Ever Before

Revolutions in healthcare technology are changing the way we see safety and efficiency in healthcare, especially in hospitals in the acute care setting. Now, nurses can administer medications closer to the point of care using portable medication carts for hospitals.


Not only is this the most efficient use of a nurse’s time, but it also increases patient safety as less time elapses between when the medication is drawn up or prepared and when it is given.

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