Medication Medical Rolling Cart with Drawers

Here at Scott-Clark Medical, we care about the needs of your medical staff and patients. A medication medical rolling cart with drawers will give you greater ease of movement around your workspace. The drawers in our cart will also provide you with access to essential stock at all times, whenever and wherever you might need it.

Flexibility and storage

A medical rolling cart with drawers provides your healthcare environment with greater

Medication Medical Rolling Cart with Drawers

flexibility. Our carts come with a choice of drawer options, giving you space for storing both larger and smaller medical items. The adaptable drawers can be used to store medication that needs to be accessed regularly, as well as safeguarding essential items that have to be moved around frequently.

Versatile locking systems

The drawers in our cart come with individual locks, ensuring that valuable or sensitive items are always safe. Our patented locks can secure each drawer individually. Any unlocked drawers remain slightly open to provide a visual indicator to the person operating it. A variety of user codes can be configured for these locks. Alternatively, proximity cards can be set up swiftly to replace manual user code entry.

Medication Medical

Design and build excellence

Our medical carts are durable and built to last, using quality materials at every stage of the production process. They are also lightweight and easy to use. Scott-Clark medicine medical rolling carts with drawers glide smoothly when pushed or pulled, so your staff will find it effortless to move around the workspace.

Better patient experience

Every healthcare practitioner wants to create the best possible environment for their patients. Choosing a medical cart for your space can make significant improvements to the patient experience. The mobility they offer provides quicker test results and faster scheduling of appointments, leaving patients with more one-to-one time and attention when they most need it.

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