Medication Storage Carts

Bringing medication to patients is part of the daily work required in hospitals and clinics. Efficient, sanitary transportation of medication ensures that staff can complete this task in minimal time with minimal risk of disease spreading.

By utilizing dedicated medication storage carts, medical staff help ensure a clean and efficient workplace. Modern medication storage carts can also include IT software to help manage the contents and distribution of medication.

In addition, at Scott-Clark, we minimize the use of surface plastic so that diseases like MRSA have less chance to gather and pass among patients.

Effective Medication Carry

medical storage carts with wheels

Our medication carts are ergonomic and easy to use. Drawers slide directly out of the cart, to reveal the medication inside for easy placement and retrieval. It is possible to modify the configuration of these drawers for specific use cases to hold different medication bottles and packages.

We design our carts to cope with the everyday demands of medical environments. They offer a smooth glide along different terrain surfaces, with grippy wheels that don’t slide around on hospital floors. Additionally, you can make use of the brake and locking systems to prevent accidental movement which can result in a hazard.

Options and Assistance

We can make your cart fit whatever requirements you may have. Speak to our team about power options, as we offer excellent battery powered solutions to keep your carts’ electronics working without interruption.

medical supply storage carts

Medical staff often work long hours and may perform repeat actions frequently. This can cause strains and other health issues. We can help by offering ergonomically convenient carts, allowing the user to adjust the height according to their own physical requirements.

Scott-Clark provides reliable cart power and battery management systems, point of care medication workstations, and offers a patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System.

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