Metal Rolling Cart with Wheels

In many work environments today, having a metal rolling cart with wheels is a great way to transport supplies, computers, and medications from one workspace to the next. Whether it's visiting several patients, delivering vital supplies, or checking in with staff in various parts of your building, a portable rolling cart can keep all your important tools secure in one spot. Scott-Clark Medical has designed and developed a variety of portable storage carts that can be customized to meet the needs of any fast-paced mobile work environment. Scott-Clark Medical's carts are manufactured using extruded aluminum and stainless steel, making it lightweight and easy to maneuver, even in close workspaces.

Medication carts

Scott-Clark Medical's medication carts can be custom designed with drawer sizes and drawer quantity. Each medication cart keeps patient medications secure with manual key locks or electronic security features that can be incorporated into the mobile computer system. The keyboard easily pulls out so the user can quickly enter data into the point of care system while dispensing medications, and a large desktop surface allows plenty of space to work.

Point of Care carts

Point of care carts have acquired a makeover: with Scott-Clark Medical's patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology system, it's now easier than ever to ensure you never run out of battery power on your cart. Each cart holds an extra Hot-Swap battery that can be quickly switched out. The visual battery indicator lets the user keep track of their battery usage and alerts the user when it is time to make the battery swap. Point of Care carts are height-adjustable and can be equipped with peripheral items to enhance the workstation for medical use, such as sharps containers, baskets, and electronic signature pads.

Custom carts

Can't find what you need in our standard catalog? We can work with you to custom-design a metal rolling cart with wheels that best fits your employees' needs. We can adapt one of our standard base carts, or design a cart specifically for your work environment to help you meet all your client care goals.

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