Mobile Cart Battery for Medical, Industrial and Retail Environments

Mobile Cart Battery for Medical

If you are seeking the best mobile cart battery solution for your work environment, then you need to look at Scott-Clark’s Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System (FMCPT). This is the worlds leading edge continuous power supply system to date.

When you require mobile cart battery for medical, industrial and retail environments, Scott-Clark has the best solution for you. Apart from the most ergonomically designed modular cart systems, Scott-Clark’s FMCPT is an unstoppable source of power.

The Batteries

The Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System uses a hot swap double cell process, where your mobile cart is powered by one battery pack at any given moment. The second pack comes into play when the first one depletes. This double system allows you the luxury of time to replace the depleted cell with a full one, while the second cell continues to provide power for hours.

mobile computer cart with battery

The FMCPT system is the best solution for all mobile carts used in medical, industrial and retail environments. Your shifts will continue to work without interruption, and the replacement and recharging process is so fast and easy that your teams will not consider it an issue.

Non-Fluctuating Power: FMCPT

Another critical issue when dealing with mobile cart battery systems is the constant non-fluctuating supply of power suitable for any sensitive device. The FMCPT is the leading battery pack system that supplies a constant, unwavering power source. This provides even the most delicate devices and systems with full power protection and uninterrupted quality of supply.

Final Word

When you need the most reliable mobile cart battery system, need the Scott-Clark FMCPT. Scott-Clark provides reliable cart power and battery management systems, point of care medication workstations, and offers a patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System.

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