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A lot of data can be lost by hospitals due to abrupt power losses. In some cases, hospitals use rechargeable power systems that do not last long and end up charging carts in stationery ports most of the time. This reduces work productivity as the carts can’t be moved to perform mobile tasks.

At Scott-Clark, we designed our mobile cart power supply systems with that problem in mind. Using our specially designed hot swap batteries can enhance hospital work productivity as it does not require a system shut down to exchange batteries. The battery can operate for over 8hours and comes with clear indication features if the power is low, so batteries can be swapped, minimizing data loss.

Scott-Clark offers hospitals a chance to improve their productivity by using our state of art hot swap battery as a mobile cart power supply to guarantee increased efficiency.

Why a Mobile Cart Power Supply is the Best Aspect of Mobile Carts.

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Using our mobile cart power supply can help minimize data loss for hospitals, as personnel can hot swap a battery when it’s low on power or stop to recharge. Scott-Clark also understands that most hospitals thrive towards excellence.

Therefore, using our mobile cart power supply that uses hot-swap batteries can help improve productivity in hospitals, as medical personnel are not greatly affected by a power shortage and don’t need to wait for the cart to charge in a stationary port to be able to continue with their tasks.

However, hospitals don’t need to incur extra expenses when purchasing new medical carts, they can simply upgrade existing carts by equipping them with our new, longer-life mobile cart power supply.

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Scott-Clark is a highly accredited company that works with many hospitals across the USA and Canada.

Scott-Clark provide reliable cart power and battery management systems, point of care medication workstations, and offer a patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System.

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