Mobile Cart with Battery

If you work at a clinic, a medical laboratory, a medical office, or a hospital, you know how a mobile medical cart is essential for the smooth operation of your workplace. From quickly accessing your patients or clients’ files to quick data entry, it is important that the laptop of your mobile workstation is fully charged for any situation. Not every organization has a mobile cart with a battery that functions efficiently and effectively, so it is important to consider traditional mobile carts and how a battery could significantly enhance the quality of the services you provide. mobile workstation cart with battery

Issues with Traditional Mobile Carts

There is a large number of medical carts with old battery designs out there that cannot function for a full shift without the user stopping to recharge. For most mobile carts, the user has to stay alert and be responsible for keeping the cart operational by monitoring the battery charge. Healthcare staff already have many tasks in a busy environment, and traditional mobile carts that have shown these frequent charge problems really do hinder their daily routine.

How Battery Issues Hinder Productivity

Time spent attempting to resolve a battery issue in a mobile cart is time not dedicated to patients and workflow productivity. Even if a battery in a cart lasts a shift, it still means the cart is not operational for the next shift. To resolve some battery issues, tech support needs to get involved, which could take days or even weeks, making the cart non-operational until it is fixed.

A Scott-Clark Solution

With our Flexible Medical Cart Power Technology, Scott-Clark provide solutions to these frequent issues seen in older, traditional cart battery designs, saving you from buying a completely new medical cart. Scott-Clark can upgrade your existing mobile medical carts for enhanced efficiency. This Flexible Medical Cart Power Technology allows you to either hot swap or charge batteries right on the cart, as well as providing a power system for mobile computing devices. Scott-Clark can retrofit your existing problematic carts, and the work comes with a five-year warranty. The battery is easy to replace or remove. A soundless, visual indicator system is programmed to go yellow when the charge becomes low, and then flashes yellow when the battery power has only 20 minutes left. This visual indicator takes care of battery monitoring, and the user no longer has to keep an eye out for the battery charge level while handling their many other responsibilities. mobile laptop cart with battery

Ready for an Efficient Mobile Cart with Battery?

If you are a hospital, a clinic, or a medical laboratory looking to purchase high-quality, easy-to-maneuver mobile cart with battery, Scott-Clark will not disappoint you. Scott-Clark provides reliable cart power and battery management systems, point of care medication workstations, and offers a patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System.

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