Mobile Cart with Drawers

The medical field is a fast-paced environment with a lot of equipment and supplies. Having what you need on hand is important to providing the best care for your patients, but hauling everything around by hand is impractical, as well as heavy and potentially dangerous.

A mobile cart with drawers helps you take what you need with you safely and securely. It keeps your supplies organized, easy to find, and increases your efficiency. This allows you to spend more time focusing on your patient instead of running back and forth getting supplies.

Mobile Cart with Drawers

Drawers for all Purposes

Scott-Clark Medical makes carts with storage drawers for all purposes. There are options for basic open-air storage drawers, closed storage drawers, locking drawers, cassette drawers, and more. Drawers also come in many sizes to allow you to carry what you need.

Open drawers are good for items that do not need to be secured. Paper, pens, alcohol wipes, swabs, tubes, and more can be easily stored and accessed. In some configurations, the drawers can be removed from the cart and act as containers to hold supplies on a different surface.

There are also basic sliding drawers that are not open to the air when closed. These are better for things that should not collect dust or might easily fall out during transport.

Mobile Cart with Drawers

Locking Drawers

Scott-Clark also offers a mobile cart with drawers that can be locked. There are physical and digital locking systems that allow only authorized personnel to access the contents of the drawers. These are good for keeping medications contained and away from patients as well as protecting sensitive information.

Mounting Options

Drawers can be mounted on mobile medical carts in one of three different directions. They can open to the front or to either side. Which direction you choose depends on your individual needs.

Multiple Configurations

Since one size does not fit all, Scott-Clark offers full customization of their carts. You can mix-and-match whatever configuration of drawers, peripherals, screens, etc. that you need for your carts.

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