Mobile Carts for Hospitals and Clinics

Mobile carts are invaluable to any medical setting, allowing clinicians and staff alike to keep computers, medication, and other essentials close at hand. By incorporating mobile cart technologies into their workflows, hospitals and clinics improve efficiency by removing the need to walk far for a needed tool or medication. They also improve data collection volume and accuracy by facilitating real-time logging of bedside data. These benefits ultimately translate into improved care and better outcomes for patients, as well as savings to time and costs for medical facilities.

Scott-Clark offers mobile carts for hospitals and clinics fitted with the latest technologies. Clients can customize their carts with a wide range of peripherals to match their carts to their needs and workflow.

Mobile Medication Cart

Mobile medication carts allow doctors and nursing staff to administer pharmaceutical treatments to patients in a more convenient manner. Each medication cart comes equipped with multiple drawers to hold medicines of every sort as well as the paraphernalia for administering them.

medication carts for hospitals

To secure them against medication theft, our medication carts come with locks controlled electronically from a built-in computer or mobile device. The computing device also serves as a logging console to keep track of dosages and timings without having to deal with the mess of paper-based charts.

Point-of-Care Carts

Scott-Clark point-of-care carts offer clinicians quick and easy access to patient data wherever they might need it. These highly mobile carts roll smoothly into any room and provide users with powerful workstation functionalities even in the cramped space of multi-bed rooms.

To power the mobile workstation, our point-of-care carts use dual Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology batteries. These batteries are fully hot-swappable, allowing staff to replace batteries as they run low without having to power down the computer or leave the cart idling while it charges.

mobile computer carts hospital

Customize Your Medical Cart

The needs of medical facilities vary vastly when it comes to mobile carts, and Scott-Clark understands that. We offer a wide range of customization options, including special monitors, tabletop extensions, medical waste receptacles, printers, scanners, and more. Talk to us about your requirements so that we can equip you with medical carts that best suit the workflows and standards you’ve implemented.

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