Mobile Computer Cart Power Supply Systems

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A key factor in any medical computer cart is its power supply system. There are various grades of power sourcing, but only the best will provide a hot-swap solution. When you work with computers and need mobility, you need a cart that provides continuous power. This means that the cart’s internal power source will never deplete.


The only way to provide a depletion-proof power source is to integrate an ergonomically designed twin cell power pack. This is what we at Scott-Clark call the Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System. (FMCPT)

The FMCPT is a properly designed system that integrates two battery power packs in one mobile unit. When one of the cells depletes, you will be given a warning alert. However, don’t worry, the second power pack comes online, giving you hours of continuous use, and time to replace and recharge the depleted cell.

The Technology

computer cart power supply

The Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System essentially provides 24/7 power, and this is an unstoppable solution and a leading market system. The amazing features of the FMCPT are the ergonomically designed replacement process. It’s so smooth, you pull out the depleted cell in one quick movement, charge it, and in the meantime replace it with a mother full cell.

In a work environment where you depend on the mobile computer cart power supply systems to support your work with a seamless unstoppable operation, the FMCPT is the proven leading uninterrupted power supply system to date. We continue to develop better technologies, so our power systems constantly improve by becoming smaller and longer lasting.

Scott-Clark provides reliable cart power and battery management systems, point of care medication workstations, and offers a patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System.

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