Mobile Computer Cart with Battery

Modern medicine incorporates technology throughout care and research facilities in a number of ways. Operating IT equipment is a standard part of work for almost all doctors, nurses and auxiliary medical staff in modern hospitals.

The reality is that healthcare isn’t always predictable and that means IT solutions need to work around the needs of patients and staff – not the other way around.

Mounting IT equipment on a mobile computer cart with battery power allows for free movement throughout a healthcare facility, without pausing IT operations.

At Scott-Clark medical, we provide computer carts for medical and industrial purposes – this means staff can always access database and digital information, no matter where they are in a building.

The result is time saved on travel to and from IT equipment, as well as increased response time for patients and potentially a greater degree of care.

Robust Equipment for Medical Use

mobile computer cart

Hospitals can present hazards to patients and staff when beds require moving from one place to another or high voltage equipment is in use. It’s important that additional equipment is safe and secure, which is why we manufacture our carts to a high standard with a wide base of support on wheels that can endure travel over small wires.

We take great care to prevent risk to patients from infection via pathogens, such as MRSI, by limiting the amount of surface plastic on our equipment. The carts are also customizable, allowing our clients to detail the exact requirements of their medical facility and find a solution that perfectly fits their day-to-day operations.

Industrial Mobile IT Solutions

computer cart

Warehouses can span over vast areas, with great distance from a central IT point. It’s possible to conduct some operations on paper and input them later on, and certain modern facilities make use of palm pilots or tablets – but why compromise on your operations when you can transport a fully-fledged IT solution around a facility?

Our mobile computer carts have battery power so you can bring a working computer around an industrial facility to keep track of stock, communicate with other staff and interact with network systems.

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