Mobile Computer Carts Manufacturers

Mobile carts are a great way to increase patient care and comfort. In a healthcare setting, they can be used for anything from registration to anaesthesia procedures. Scott-Clark Medical is the mobile computer carts manufacturer who provides the high-quality product you are looking for.

Benefits to staff and patients

Having electronic records and essential items readily available provides mobility and flexibility and allow staff to spend their time focused on important tasks. Medical staff who have access to the equipment necessary to perform their job efficiently have a greater sense of job satisfaction and tend toward having a better bedside manner.Using mobile carts to access patient information via a computer reduces the time spent looking for physical records.

A mobile computer cart also allows patients to make appointments without having to travel to a different part of the healthcare facility. With the use of mobile computer carts, prescriptions can be called in immediately, which means the amount of time the patient must wait for medications to be filled can be reduced. All of this contributes to the creation of better patient experience.

A wide range of models

Scott-Clark mobile computer carts manufacturers understand that every medical environment has specific needs. We design and build a variety of mobile computer carts to suit your particular requirements. Our carts are compatible with computers of varying sizes, laptops and tablets, and can even incorporate dual monitor setups.

We offer a wide range of peripheral options including special sized monitors, wrist band scanners, magnetic card readers and much more. Our carts can be custom built to fit the needs of your workplace, and our patented batteries with Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology ensure you are always powered and ready to go.

Scott-Clark provides reliable cart power and battery management systems, point-of-care medication workstations, and offers a patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System. Contact us today by calling or filling out our convenient online form.

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