Mobile Computer Cart with Battery

medical computer cart with battery

Mobile medical carts have become a staple in the healthcare industry. They provide immediate access to patient records, right at the patient bedside, which allows caregivers and patients added confidence in making decisions that are right for them. A cart with a lightweight and ergonomic design can offer even greater benefit. Carts can be customized to offer exactly the accessories you need in your clinic, from storage for medical devices to workspace for your staff.

Battery Power

Today’s computer carts come equipped with battery power for greater mobility and ease of use. However, choosing the wrong battery to power, your cart can cause chaos in your clinic. A battery that loses charge in the middle of a shift, or that causes staff to lose their work can mean double the work and time spent away from what matters most.

At Scott-Clark, our battery powered models offer great features to make using a mobile computer cart more reliable than ever.

  • Compatibility with your other devices, such as laptops, PC’s, and tablets
  • Battery management that is visible and accessible online, which helps staff see when a battery is running low
  • Batteries that can be charged on the cart or swapped out for charging
  • Long lasting power charges (our batteries can hold a charge for 8-24 hours)

mobile workstation cart with battery

Our batteries are made from Lithium technology, making them strong and long-lasting, and all our products are durable and made to last. If you’re searching for a mobile computer cart with battery to improve the workflow in your facility, the experts at Scott-Clark can help. We offer a help desk to answer questions and offer support. We also offer a variety of service plans.

Scott-Clark provides reliable cart power and battery management systems, point of care medication workstations, and offers a patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System.

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