Mobile Computer Cart With Battery

Mobile medical carts have become a staple in the healthcare industry. They provide immediate access to patient records at the patient’s bedside, allowing caregivers and patients added confidence in making decisions that are right for them.

A custom cart with a lightweight and ergonomic design can offer even more significant benefits. You can customize your fleet of mobile workstations with the exact suite of features and accessories you need in your clinic, from medication storage to essential medical peripherals.

Battery Power

Today’s medical carts and mobile workstations come equipped with battery power for greater mobility and ease of use. However, choosing the wrong battery technology can cause chaos in your clinic. A battery that loses charge in the middle of a shift or causes staff to lose their work can mean double the work and time spent away from what matters most.

Our batteries take advantage of Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery chemistry and state-of-the-art battery technology to obtain a capacity of 330 watt-hours. Depending on the number of connected electronic devices, LiFePO4 battery life ranges between 8-12+ hours on a full charge.

Lightweight battery construction brings the individual unit weight down to 8.1 lbs., making them easy to carry and replace. This also keeps your individual cart weight low, improving ergonomics. Research suggests that caregivers and staff members appreciate using an ergonomic, lightweight, and easy to maneuver mobile cart fleet. The design lets them focus on their jobs and their patients.

Computer Cart Batteries

Essential Features

At Scott-Clark Medical, our battery-powered workstations-on-wheels offer features that make using a mobile computer cart more convenient than ever. Here are some of the most notable features:

  • Compatibility with power strips and extension cords. This allows you to connect standard electronic devices and peripherals of many kinds to your healthcare computer cart: barcode printers, scanners, extra monitors, and more.
  • Each battery-powered computer cart is adaptable. You can use it with a desktop PC, a tablet, or other devices. Laptop carts are also compatible with devices from all major manufacturers.
  • Battery management that is visible and accessible online. This provides staff with an easy-to-read battery indicator.
  • Multi-battery system. The system allows each mobile cart to support up to two batteries simultaneously.
  • Long-lasting power. A cart with one battery can power your equipment for up to 12+ hours each, meaning a lightweight healthcare cart equipped with a dual-battery system has up to 24+ hours of battery life.
  • Hot-swap feature. The battery hot-swap feature lets hospital staff swap low batteries for freshly-charged ones. This option allows a healthcare computer cart to remain powered indefinitely, keeping your mobile cart fleet online for extended periods.

With Scott-Clark Medical, you no longer need to rely on basic cart fleets or inadequate battery-powered computer cart solutions. Leave the heavy-duty cart designs intended for industrial environments behind. Adopt lightweight healthcare cart fleets designed to fulfill the needs of your medical facility and staff.

The Battery Power Cart Solution You Need

If you’re searching for battery-powered mobile computer carts and point-of-care workstation fleets, the experts at Scott-Clark Medical can help. Our medical carts can help improve the workflow in your medical facility.

Browse our selection of cart models, or order a custom power cart solution that meets your needs and specifications. We also offer a help desk to answer questions and provide customer support.

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