Mobile Computer Workstation with Battery

What is a mobile computer workstation?

Mobile computer workstations are becoming increasingly popular among clinicians and other healthcare providers. They allow providers to access medical records quickly and easily anywhere, any time – both during and between appointments.

In this age of information and technology, where healthcare data is increasingly becoming electronic, physicians and nurses are finding their time eaten up by the process of carefully recording and accessing their patients’ information. A mobile computer workstation with battery streamlines this process.

mobile computer cart with battery

Additionally, having a mobile computer workstation with battery is beneficial to the health of the healthcare provider. These workstations encourage providers to stand and even walk instead of sitting while on their computer. In this way, providers can minimize their sedentary lifestyle and become more physically active.

The typical mobile computer workstation with battery is essentially a cart-like structure on wheels. There is a dedicated space for a computer, as well as additional tabletop workspace.

Many are easily height-adjustable and may come equipped with additional features such as shelves and drawers for compact, organized storage.

computer cart with battery

Choosing the right workstation

There are many points of consideration when choosing the optimal mobile computer workstation with battery.

As with any healthcare equipment in clinics or hospitals, these workstations have safety and material concerns. Our mobile computer workstations have been specially engineered and designed with materials that prevent the spread of bacteria and other infectious microbes. Instead of plastic, which is prone to spread these microbes, our workstations are made of powder-coated aluminum and steel, making them safe and durable.

Additionally, the best workstation should have dimensions tailored to the provider’s needs to maximize comfort and ease of long-term use. Our workstations enable the user to quickly adjust the height of the computer monitors and the tabletop work surface. This allows the user to set up the workstation in the most ergonomic position that improves the user’s posture and minimizes back and neck strain.

Finally, our mobile computer workstation with battery is equipped with long-lasting lithium batteries. Battery power levels are always visible. Unexpected or frequent loss of charge in a clinic or hospital’s mobile workstations can be an incredible inconvenience. Our long-life batteries, which can be replaced or recharged, are reliable and easy to monitor.

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