Mobile Equipment Carts

mobile test equipment cart

When it comes to seeing patients, treating ailments, and saving lives we know time is an important factor. Minutes lost searching for supplies or medical devices can add up to a less efficient office or greater pain and suffering for those you’re treating. By using mobile equipment carts you can eliminate the hassle of searching for more gauze, alcohol wipes, or syringes. What you need will be waiting within arm’s reach.

Equip Your Cart With Exactly What You Need

Mobile equipment carts are convenient and versatile. They can be equipped with specific options to meet your unique needs, such as:
• Storage drawers
• Drawer dividers
• Baskets
• Hooks
• Work spaces
• Power stations
• IV poles

We can customize your cart to work with the natural flow of your healthcare facility. We can add space for a blood pressure machine, stethoscope, pulse-ox, or thermometer. Carts can come equipped with drawers for tubing, bandages, heparin, and medications. We can also customize drawers with locks to keep medications safely out of reach.

Our mobile equipment carts can also be customized with batteries to power laptops or tablets for electronic medical records. Adding technology such as these gives you even more versatility in your medical cart.

medical equipment cart

Who Needs Mobile Equipment Carts?

Most healthcare facilities can benefit from a mobile equipment station. Whether you operate an emergency room, critical care unit, general practitioner, or recovery floor, you can find what you need at your fingertips when you utilize these mobile carts.

They can be routinely stocked to prevent staff finding an empty drawer in their time of need. Their mobility makes reposition them a breeze, and their compact size helps to ease storage.

Scott-Clark offers a help line to answer all questions and aid clients in customizing their medical carts for their unique needs.

Scott-Clark provides reliable cart power and battery management systems, point of care medication workstations, and offers a patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System.

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