Mobile Healthcare Carts

Save your healthcare workers time and effort by investing in mobile healthcare carts to use on patient rounds.

Keep everything you need for good patient care in a central place, so your team doesn’t need to replenish consumables between patient visits. Not only are mobile healthcare carts good for your healthcare workers, but they also improve the overall patient experience.

Built for you

Scott-Clark has been engineering mobile carts for over 20 years. We take feedback seriously and are continuously adding to our range because of valuable feedback from healthcare providers.

You can configure each cart to suit the specific type of ward or type of procedure that you’ll use it for. Our team can help you design the cart you really need using our wide range of peripherals, accessories, and drawer types.

No more back pain

We understand that a cart becomes an extension of the worker on shift, which is why we never compromise on ergonomic comfort. Users can easily adjust the height of a cart to suit them or to allow them to change from a standing to a seated position with one smooth adjustment.

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Easy to move, easy to use

Our mobile healthcare carts give you a smooth move from one point of care to the next, even in a snug or crowded area. Our innovative designs minimize each cart’s footprint without compromising on the generous workspace.

Always powered on

Healthcare facilities like clinics, hospitals, medical laboratories, and assisted living facilities have come to depend on the power technology of Scott-Clark mobile cart range.

Our patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power (FMCP) Technology solves common problems associated with older cart battery systems. Our system lets you charge the battery on the cart or swap out a dead battery for a charged one in minutes.

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Made to last

With Scott-Clark, you can be sure that you’re buying the best quality medical healthcare carts.

We manufacture all surfaces from powder coated stainless steel and extruded aluminum.

These materials are long lasting, easy to clean, and won’t give infectious agents a place to breed.

Everything you need with one phone call

Scott-Clark provides reliable cart power and battery management systems, point of care medication workstations, and offers a patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System.

Learn more about what the Scott-Clark Medical Team can do for you.

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