Mobile Hospital Computer Carts & Workstations

Finding the right mobile computer cart and workstation for your facility can seem challenging due to the incredible variety of choices. While each facility may have individual requirements, there are usually wards and units within each building that also have unique needs.

Providing patients with the most appropriate care for their conditions requires using a combination of medical tools. A mobile cart enables your staff to carry all the necessary equipment on their rounds.

When purchasing your workstation on wheels, it is essential to consult with expert providers who can advise you on the wide variety of options available and how they may benefit your staff and patients.

At Scott-Clark Medical, we can help you choose the hospital computer carts and mobile workstations that offer the most ergonomic solution and fit in with the flow of your patient care facility.

How to Choose Your Mobile Computer Cart

When you’re looking for medical workstations, you need to consider the specifications of the cart and how they can integrate with your current processes. Effective medical cart workstations must cater to clinician workflows, improve clinician comfort on the job, and provide easier access for healthcare providers to look at patient data.

Factors to think about include:

  • Size
  • Budget
  • Accessibility
  • Accessories
  • Mobility

Ergonomic computer workstations are a major contributing factor to clinician satisfaction. But to improve clinician comfort on the job, hospital computer workstations must be easy to move between units while still meeting ergonomic desk standards.

A wall mount unit may be suitable for computers at hospital reception desks and security desks, but wall-mounted workstations aren’t a practical option for nurses on the go. Nursing staff need to easily transport their mobile workstations between units, whether they’re helping patients in isolation care or the ICU.

Industrial Custom Medical Carts

Cart Size

Care cart size is essential since choosing a cart or workstation that is too big or small for your specific needs can result in a product your staff cannot use efficiently. Because hospital wards are high-traffic areas, accommodating employees, patients, and visitors, consider compact models to move around quickly.

However, this does not mean you should compromise when it comes to the work surface on the unit. You can customize your height-adjustable workstation with retractable keyboard trays, drawers that fit neatly under the computer, slimline baskets that attach to the sides of the cart, and even the space for a double-monitor, all without taking up excess space.

Facility Budget

Medical computer carts don’t have to break your budget allowance. Once you determine your cart-to-clinician ratio, you can choose from a range of high-quality cart solutions that are brand new or choose a refurbished cart to fit your needs.

At Scott-Clark Medical, we can retrofit new, more accessible technology onto your existing carts, saving you money while ensuring your cart carries the latest medical tech equipment.

Alternatively, instead of replacing a cart that appears past its prime, our skilled technicians can visit you on-site, refurbishing your cart with additional care equipment and other cart features without causing you the inconvenience of packing and traveling with your carts.

To make your budget go further, ensure you have a regular maintenance plan in place. Scott-Clark Medical can also provide this service at an affordable price for your peace of mind.

Cart Accessibility

A product that is easily accessible when it matters most is vital in a healthcare setting. It’s also essential to allow access only to those who should have it. You can equip your cart with conductive casters, enabling staff to bring their cart with them on their rounds.

For more effective healthcare in specialist wards or emergency centers, you can also place a unit at the end of each ward, allowing physicians and nurses access when necessary. With a wide range of staff in a hospital setting, qualified employees should have access to sensitive items such as medicines or confidential patient data.

You may want to allow access to healthcare providers who need to use some items on a medication cart but do not have the authorization to access the medications. Having a password-protected system on your laptops, using encryption technology to transfer and save data, and securing medicine drawers with our state-of-the-art console technology significantly decreases the risk of compromise.

Medical Cart Batteries

Cart Accessories

A crucial function of a mobile workstation is its ability to carry medications, tools, and equipment. A well-stocked cart can reduce footfall and significantly increase efficiency.

A well-stocked crash cart enables each professional involved in dealing with a cardiac emergency to work on the patient simultaneously. By accessing vital sign monitoring equipment at the point of care, physicians can make quick decisions about their next course of action.

Having a defibrillator and paddles available for immediate use can improve response times, which may help save lives. However, it is not just emergency rooms that can benefit from a well-organized cart.

A battery-powered workstation is often an essential component of a well-designed mobile cart operation for medical facilities. Mobile medical cart workstations using the latest battery technology, such as Scott-Clark Medical’s Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT), can run indefinitely as long as the user always has one fully-charged battery while another is powering the cart.

At the end of their shift, they can pass the unit onto a colleague who can rely on the unit to last for the duration of their rounds.

Where a single workstation is shared between multiple workers, it is crucial that each member of staff knows exactly where they can locate each item. By including an adequate number of drawers and labeling them carefully, every person who uses the cart can easily find the required medical tools when treating a patient.

Consider adding a checklist to your mobile workstations for each employee to reference during routine checks. A point-by-point list ensures they can check each drawer or basket containing the necessary equipment and replace missing items.

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Your healthcare facility will not only improve patient experiences but create better clinical care and a better working environment for hospital staff when you choose a medical computer workstation from Scott-Clark Medical.

With over 20 years of experience providing mobile-powered carts to the medical community, Scott-Clark Medical can help you find the best option for your facility. Contact a member of our team to discuss your interest in compact computer workstations or to request a quote.

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