Mobile Lab Carts

The modern laboratory is often inseparable from IT solutions, which are required during testing, planning and all phases of lab work. Using mobile lab carts, you can improve the efficiency of laboratory processes by reducing walking time to and from the computer, as you carry out the work.

At Scott-Clark, we understand that every lab might have different requirements, so we offer a range of hardware configurations, as well as options to change drawers and power banks, tailoring carts to your exact needs. Whatever goals you have for your lab, let us help you find an IT solution which can achieve them.

Mobile Lab Carts

Practical Laboratory IT

Keeping labs functioning efficiently requires a reliable IT solution with up-to-date networking and software.

In a lab, you might be transporting samples to and from different locations. Our carts have convenient drawers to store items, keeping them on rigid wheels with braking and locking systems. This can free up your hands to open doors and avoid awkward movements which put your work in peril.

Our carts also feature modern wireless networking equipment, allowing you to take your IT anywhere in the building and enjoy truly untethered use of your network systems.

Features for Laboratory Usage

Working in the lab can involve long hours, which puts physical stress on the body, often as a result of repetitive strain and other movements. To help ease the burden, we provide carts with easily adjustable height settings, so there’s no awkward reaching or hunching over the keyboard.

Practical Laboratory IT

Our mobile lab carts also wipe clean, helping to prevent contamination in your laboratory.

For reliable usage, we offer patented, flexible mobile cart power technology systems, helping your carts to stay operational for longer and charge quickly, so they can get back to work sooner.

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