Mobile Laboratory Carts and Industrial Workstations

To work efficiently in a lab or industrial environment, you may well require a workstation by your side. It’s not convenient to move from your area of work, back to your computer and vice versa throughout the day.

Making good use of mobile laboratory carts and industrial workstations, you can enjoy convenient working conditions that save time, and maintain your focus.

Quality Mobile Working Equipment

Using mobile workstations can make your work life more convenient but only if the equipment is up to the task. At Scott Clark, we provide quality hi-tech mobile laboratory carts and industrial workstations which won’t let you down.

Our carts use sturdy wheels which can make it over small bumps or cable runs, without toppling or risking damage to your equipment. For laboratory use, we can provide suitable drawers to store test tubes, Petri dishes or any sized equipment you require.

Additionally, it is possible to customize these drawers with additional features to make them air-tight or prevent heat loss.

industrial computer carts mobile

Features of Good Carts and Workstations

Whether it’s for a laboratory or industrial use, such as in manufacturing, storage, or construction, we can tailor idea carts for your healthcare facility. Our carts come with some adjustable options with healthcare worker comfort in mind.

industrial mobile carts

Additions and Useful Options

At Scott-Clark, we know that you might be moving valuable equipment in your cart throughout the day. We use reliable, easy-to-use brakes and locking systems to keep carts secure.

In addition, our carts come with different battery options to last long enough for a day of use in any circumstances. Our patented FMCPT Power system can power all industrial mobile workstations. We even configure this system on carts for warehouses and distribution facilities.

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