Mobile Laptop Cart with Power

Laptops are great for working on the go, in the workplace and outside of it, holding a monitor and computer all-in-one to save space and make life more convenient. In short, they’re a blessing for workplaces, such as hospitals and industrial spaces, that benefit from mobile IT equipment.

At Scott-Clark, we can provide a mobile laptop cart with power supply for your business that functions around the real working practices of your staff. As a result, you could see improvements to efficiency, reduction in downtime spent traveling and improved staff satisfaction.

Mobile Laptop Cart

Power Systems for Mobile Carts

Although laptops possess their own battery supplies, they typically won’t last all day. Furthermore, laptop batteries tend to lose their longevity and reliability with age. That’s why having a dedicated external battery, mounted directly onto a cart can help.

Our power systems allow for staff to keep laptops and other IT equipment topped up with standardized batteries that are suitable for a range of equipment. Not only can this keep equipment running for longer, it means that staff don’t have to trail wires dangerously across a ward or warehouse aisle when their equipment runs out of juice.

Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology

We have chosen to adopt Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT), as a way of standardizing battery operations to simplify charging operations for healthcare staff. Workers always need charge, so having multiple different types of battery and charger can create a headache and might even necessitate dedicated staff to manage batteries alone.

Mobile Laptop Cart with Power

Our carts feature useful LCD displays that clearly indicate the remaining battery life of a unit, so staff know exactly when to change out the battery. The batteries themselves have a useful ergonomic handle for carry and are of a standard size and shape to fit all kinds of medical and IT equipment.

One additional advantage of power for laptops is that the laptop’s own battery can typically function in the interim between battery changes. Although we do offer hot-swap battery solutions, these are typically not necessary for laptop use.

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